If you have configured your browser to use CDLinks and you have the CD Alive XV inserted into your CD ROM drive you are ready to take full advantage of this tutorial. Click on any topic below to begin. After selecting a topic click on any music image or text link to play a portion of the music from the CD. There is no specific order to the topics listed below.

This tutorial is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to jazz arranging but to offer topics specifically related to the music found on the CD. An attempt is made to keep images to a minimum (to speed download time) and the written words short and to the point. I believe the user will gain the most from this tutorial by listening to the excerpts from the CD while viewing the music examples displayed on the screen.

NOTE: CDLinks will not operate if a CD player program is open.

Instrument ranges and transpositions

saxophones | woodwind doubles | brass | rhythm | lead part writing

Section voicings

saxophones | trumpets | trombones | mixed

Compositional techniques

planing | bell tones | imitation | counterpoint | pedal point | ostinato


introduction | ending | interlude | extension of phrase | shout chorus


muted brass | doubling | woodwinds | flugelhorns


unison / octaves | two-part | three-part | four-part | five-part


substitutions | extensions / polychords | inversions | quartal | contrapuntal elaboration of static harmony