Tracks from the CD "Alive XV", UNC Jazz Lab Band I

Place CD into CD ROM drive and click
on any of the following titles to listen.
  1. The Cheese That Time Forgot - Dan Gailey
  2. Isotope - Joe Henderson, arranged by Chris Merz
  3. Meaning of the Blues - Bobby Troup, arranged by Dan Gailey
  4. There Is No Greater Love - Symes/Jones, arranged by Matt Harris
  5. North Rim - Doug Bristol
  6. Chromazone - Mike Stern, arranged by Tim Clarke
  7. Oleo - Sonny Rollins, arranged by Mike Abene
  8. Yes I Do - Chuck Tumlinson
  9. Early Spring - Brian Williams
  10. Entropical Paradise - Eric Richards
  11. You Don't Know What Love Is - DePaul/Raye, arranged by Jason Rahn
  12. Hubtones - Freedie Hubbard, arranged by Larry Engstrom
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