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Welcome to the DD&DM Railroad Company

The DD&DM Railroad is an N Scale model railroad using a mixture of construction and modeling techniques. While the concept is free=lance, some of the design elements and equipment take their inspiration from Southern, Norfolk & Western, and Norfolk Southern prototypes. The principal era is the early 1980's, when all three prototype paint schemes co-existed. However, equipment from earlier or later eras can be run on the layout without doing severe injustice to the look and feel of the railroad.

The DD&DM Railroad is affiliated with Northern Virginia NTRAK and the Central Carolina N Scalers.

In these web pages, we hope you find some ideas that you can use in developing and building your own model railroad. Like the railroad itself, these pages are under continual construction, so we invite you to visit frequently to see what's new. In the meantime, browse and Enjoy.

The Railroad is located in Hickory, NC.

Arrangements for visits can be made by contacting the CEO at:

This page last updated: May 19, 2007