July 9, 2004  (Revsn C1)


This is an update to my first web page, it does function better now, but is still fairly elementary.


I have put this page together mostly for “my profile” on the GSResource forum web site, hence the mo’cycle flavor of this site.


Picture from OCTOBER 2003 here in west Michigan.

My daughter says I “always look like that in pictures”. Only pictures I have of me are those where I gave camera to wife, son or daughter. So I probably am giving direction like “come in closer” or something.






Wifes Shadow 500, sons Zuki GS650, my Zuki GS850G.

I got the GS650G new in 82, got the 1980 850 in 94. Son rode the 650 a few years when he lived here with us. Then, although I have had Suzuki GSs for 20+ years, I got a Shadow 500 for wife to learn to ride on (seat height considerations). Son was a bit annoyed when I sold the 650, rather than letting him take it. Although he is welcome to his choice of the other two when he visits. New daughter-in-law seems to like going for ride too.



As much as I can go for a ride in January 2004.

What I ride in January



Have had this 1980 GS850G for about 10 years now. A couple years ago I went on a campaign to fix the few oil leaks; replaced Cam cover gasket, replaced Head Gasket , then replaced tach drive unit o-rings and cam chain tensioner o-rings. Finding the correct o-rings for the cam chain tensioner was more involved than it needed to be due to the Suzuki microfiche being incorrect. Anyway, now that the engine isn’t slobbering oil and stays relatively clean, I consider this to be a nice vintage bike.

Running strong at 58 thousand. A few years ago I went through a couple rounds of problems with charging system, I would do the test as stated in the Suzuki manual, maybe find something marginal but nothing conclusively failed, take bike to dealer, they would replace something, making little or no improvement. Only later did I find an overriding problem (the? problem) to be the connectors between stator & reg/rectifier, which I have since found to be common knowledge on the GSResource forum. Also I have found not to take such a vintage old bike to dealer, but to find an independent shop with mechanics over the age of 24 that have been working on these bikes for years.

Only thing not stock is the replacement seat cover. Also has Samsonite side bags & tail trunk (not shown but can see mounting brackets) which are a bit dorky looking but are the original from the early 80s and quite representative of that era, and allow me to ride bike to work & customer locations because I can  carry computer, print sets, project files ectera. Also great for carrying extra stuff like extra gloves, chaps and sweat shirts for when temperature changes during the day.

Okay, enough yammering, back to the pictures. . . .

ah, what next?

Last November & December I always thought there could be a good day for one more ride yet, and then didn’t put in the gas Stable for this winter. Then this spring it wasn’t running too well. Took carbs off for cleaning this spring, thinking that was the problem without really doing much troubleshooting. Disassembled carbs further than I have previously with the aid of the GSResource “In The Garage” section.  

But problem was a bad spark plug, DOAH.

You may notice that I don’t reply to mechanical problem postings, may reply to electrical postings.


A little bit of what we enjoy in west Michigan:

Grand HAven Beach & Pier

Sunset at Grand Haven beach and Grand River south pier. May 2004. Not that this is such a great photo, but its one digital shot that I have. This isn’t any digital manipulation, just the effect of the sunset through clouds. Those are people that you see in between some of the catwalk stanchions and at end of pier.



End of Pictures.


As I develop more familiarity with web page development I shall add separate pages for such topics as family, sons wedding, daughters experience with dolphin assisted therapy, faith, Christian Motorcycle Assn rides. Maybe a page about other hobbys such as water pond-fountain, photography, vintage Pioneer receivers. Most pictures I have are: family, motorcycles, family on motorcycles, and sunsets on Lake Michigan Grand Haven pier, so that limits the subject matter of this page.


To develop this page I am just using Word, saving it as “HTML”, then using the utility provided by my ISP to transfer it to the ‘personal web space’ provided with my email service. This is about the sum total of my knowledge about web site development.


Some more recent links to some of my ride pics:

Brown County (Indiana) Ride

Spring Texas Hill Country Ride   Fairly standard picture hosting pages. Cursor over thumbnail picture for comment, click for larger image.


Have you any comment?

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