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This site is dedicated to the creation of The American Foreign Legion. Please go to the petition link at the bottom and sign the petition advocating creation of The American Foreign Legion. Once there are 1,000,000 signatures on the petition I will take the petition to Washington to put before congress and the executive branch for preparation of a bill that will authorize and fund The American Foreign Legion.

-Dean Landers, Janesville, Wisconsin January 1/2007 e-mail:

Today's tally (March 7/08): 18 signatures, only 999,982 to go. The cup is half full.

Thoughts Jan 7/08: Winston Churchill said: "Never give up, never give up, never give up, never give up"

Thoughts November 18/07: I need to overcome my shyness and get out there and

aggressively promote this idea. About half the signatures on the petition are people I

met in the chalet on Mount Wheeler in New Mexico (highest point in New Mexico) after I

climbed Mount Wheeler with my son in August.

Dean Landers:

Some thoughts Aug. 1/07

Some may misconstrue this proposal as a call to arms, an effort to promote American imperialism

and hegemony around the world. It is not that at all. Rather, it is an argument for a strong national

defense supplemented with personnel from countries around the world that directly benefit from

United States policies and assistance. I am not a warrior but a realist who has lived long enough

to understand how things really work in this world. Weakness invites aggression no matter how

you parse that term. If we Americans think we have something worthwhile here, we have to take

whatever steps are necessary to protect ourselves. Does having a strong national defense mean

you will employ your military power in an unjust or unwise manner? Not at all. Throughout the 40-year

Cold War the United States and the Soviet Union never came to blows. Why? Because both

sides knew that attacking their adversary, meant annihilation for them as well; something called

M.A.D., mutually assured destruction. -Dean Landers


Why we need The American Foreign Legion


As a new citizen, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to live and work in this country. However, along with the rights of citizenship come the responsibilities of participating in the democratic process. Those democratic responsibilities include speaking up when one thinks that there might be a way to improve some aspect of public policy.

A very important issue right now is the war in Iraq and the deployment of United States military forces there and around the world. All United States soldiers in Iraq are members of an all-volunteer force that is doing a superb job with the resources available to them and the circumstances they find themselves in. It is no small matter to put your life on the line for your country and no greater sacrifice can be made by an individual citizen for their nation.

Unfortunately, as the world's only superpower; the United States is stretched thin in it's efforts to reign in tyranny and terrorism around the world. Some NATO forces are assisting American soldiers in Afghanistan and a small 'coalition of the willing' are assisting US servicemen fighting the insurgency in Iraq. However, as the world's 'supercop', the United States isn't getting nearly enough help from other countries who also directly benefit from the elimination of terrorists and the stabilization of rogue nations. Thus, heavily disproportionate numbers of young American men and women are risking and sacrificing their lives 'on the beat' of policing and maintaining stability in the world's bad neighborhoods and promoting freedom and democracy in these regions.

This terrible state of affairs does not have to continue if the shapers of defense policy in Washington had a more pragmatic and open mind towards the manner in which we staff the frontlines of the 'war on terrorism'. We don't have to continue the practice of exclusively sending our own sons and daughters in harm's way with little help from other citizens of the world. Almost two hundred years ago the French government formed the French Foreign Legion as a complementary unit, under the command of French officers, to assist their regular defense forces in protecting national security. Needless to say, it is well known that the French Foreign Legion is world famous for it's distinguished record protecting French interests worldwide.

Thus, I am proposing the establishment of 'The American Foreign Legion', modeled loosely on the French Foreign Legion, as a frontline military force to assist and complement other United States forces in theaters of battle around the world. Warriors from countries around the world would have the opportunity to be enlisted and trained as 'American Foreign Legionnaires' under the command of American officers. These soldiers would be properly trained and equipped, paid fairly and provided benefits including the opportunity for American citizenship once they honorably complete their term of service in the American Foreign Legion. Recruitment for the American Foreign Legion would be flooded with well-qualified and highly motivated enlistees, given the historically superb record of management and competence of United States forces. It is well known that soldiers and conscripts in many armies around the world are poorly treated, minimally paid and suffer much higher attrition rates than United States soldiers.

To this end, I ask you to sign this petition advocating establishment of 'The American Foreign Legion. Once there are one million signatures on this petition,' I will take it to Washington to put before congress and the executive branch for preparation of a bill that will authorize and fund 'The American Foreign Legion'.

American is famous for it's ingenious solutions to complex problems. Let American innovation be applied to our defense personnel needs with speedy establishment of 'The American Foreign Legion'. All the 'boots on the ground' don't have to be worn only by young American men and women.

-Dean Landers



June 8/07 I finally summoned the courage of my convictions to promote this idea aggressively

reference Guest Column in June 7/07 Wisconsin State Journal

- Dean Landers


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Guest column in June 7/07 Wisconsin State Journal,


Suggested Reading:

Paratroopers of the French Foreign Legion: from Vietnam to Bosnia, by Howard R. Simpson

French Foreign Legion Operations, 1990-2000, by Yves Debay

French Foreign Legion, by Nigel Thomas

French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of the Legendary Fighting Force, by Douglas Porch

The Making of a Legionnaire: My Life in the French Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment, by Bill Parris

Naked Soldier: A True Story of the French Foreign Legion, by Tony Sloane


Suggested Reading from site respondents:

Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, by Jeremy Scahill

TAFL Book Review July 7, 07: Jeremy Scahill's book clearly outlines the problems associated

with outsourcing war to private contractors, particularly Blackwater USA. Private contractors are not

constitutionally accountable for their actions and are outside the direct chain of command of the

Department of Defense. Further, the use of private contractors, including Blackwater USA, points to the

desperate shortage of staffing for our conventional forces which are currently stretched to the breaking


Unqestionably, as Scahill points out, the answer to our troop shortage is not private contractors who

have collected billions in federal contracts but have not even come close to helping tip the balance

in our favor. Whether you agree with the actions of the Bush administration or not in terms of it's

actions in Iraq or elsewhere, necessary expansion of our all-volunteer force could be best accomplished

in part by creation of The American Foreign Legion, a congressionally sanctioned unit under the

direct purview of The Department of Defense.

Finally, I must state that the underlying tone of Scahill's book left me in some doubt as to what Scahill's

actual agenda and point of view is. Scahill seems shocked and rather surprised at most of the things that

happen in war. War is a dirty game and always has been but Scahill is a 'johnny come lately' to the facts of

life as written down in most history books. Neither George Bush or his colleagues invented war. In World

War II, where Bush 43's father Bush 42 fought courageously in the South Pacific as a member of 'The

Greatest Generation', every public and private resource was brought to bear (including 16,000,000

men under arms) to bring the war to a successful outcome. Perhaps history will conclude that

the Irag War was a strategic and political mistake for the United States. Time will tell. It could

have been the case that if enough troops had been available for the occupation and stabilization

of Iraq after the successful combat phase (a criticism of most experts including Colin Powell and many

others), that a different, more positive outcome could have been achieved by now. I may have missed

something Scahill said, but it would have been helpful if he had expressed his view of when and if the United

States should go to war, and exactly how war should be conducted and managed by the United

States. If he is a Quaker or other conscientous objector that finds no need for war ever, that is

his right under The Constitution and perfectly fine with me as long as he understands all the

implications of that point of view. -Dean Landers


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