Magnificent 7

6 King Sized Beds - 2 Sets of Queen Bunk Beds - 3 Futons
1 Single Bunk Bed - 1 Queen Sleeper Sofa
7-1/2 Bathrooms
Sleeps 26

There are three bedrooms in the upper level (including the loft), two bedrooms on the main level, and two bedrooms in the lower level. Each bedroom suite has its own bathroom and cable TV, and each bathroom is equipped with its own private jacuzzi. You can come "home" at the end of the day and relax in private.

This bedroom is on the third floor, overlooking the driveway, and has the best view in the house!

This bedroom is on the other side of the cabin, on the third floor. It overlooks a wooded section of the mountain, and is very quiet. If you are looking out the window at just the right time, you can watch the squirrels playing in the trees.

These two photos show the loft bedroom on the third floor. This bedroom overlooks the main family room below and has an amazing view of the mountains through two eyebrow windows. With a twin sized bunk bed and futon, this room would be perfect for a family with a small child who feels more comfortable sleeping near his parents.

This bedroom is on the main level, and overlooks the driveway. It is right next to the kitchen.

This bedroom is also on the main level, and overlooks the woods.

The lower level of the cabin has two bedrooms, a game room, and a small laundry room.

This bedroom has been fitted with swing-out hinges to allow a wheelchair to fit through the doors of the bedroom and bathroom, and handicap bars have been added to the bathroom. This room does not meet all the requirements for being identified as handicap-accessible, but we hope to make it as handicap-friendly as possible.

The other bedroom in the lower level is furnished with two sets of queen bunk beds, and is a huge hit with kids. I cannot tell you how much fun our kids have had with their cousins in "their room" during our vacations.

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