Magnificent 7

View from the Deck

We may be biased, but we believe that the view from Magnificent 7 is one of the best you will find in the Smokies! From the upper deck, you can see clear across the valley to the two mountain ranges on the other side. In the valley is a wonderful church whose bells chime the noon hour and play an occasional hymn on Sunday mornings.

A break in the clouds let a ray of bright Tennessee sunlight through on an early spring day.

This sunset was particularly striking. When you watch the sun go down in the mountains, you will be surprised at how quickly it seems to set.

We were treated to this double rainbow after a quick afternoon thunderstorm. The second rainbow is very faint and behind the trees to the left. It was an amazing thing to witness when viewed clear across the valley and from the elevation of the cabin.

A light snow fell on this winter day and the result was absolutely beautiful.

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