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BlueBox was developed to facilitate creating and editing programs for the Akai MPC1000. This solution automates some of the tedious tasks involved with creating programs using the MPC itself. Some of these tasks encountered were:
  • setting the same mute group on more than one pad (ex: for hi-hat samples)
  • giving all pads the same envelope settings when creating multisample programs
  • assigning samples to a range of consecutive pads, then setting tune and MIDI trigger note for each one for multisample instrument programs
BlueBox implements faster ways to take care of such tasks, which will cut down the time required to get a program setup from scratch. BlueBox will increases your productivity by making PGM editing as smooth as can be, and will gets you back to pad-poundin' nirvana in no time!
  • load existing MPC1000 PGM files
  • save edited PGM file and all associated samples to one location
  • import keygroups/zones from AKP-format programs into PGM (also works with Recycle AKPs)
  • load single samples using built-in sample browser or drag/drop one or more samples from Windows explorer windows
  • edit any program setting
    • pad/layer settings (layer samples, tune, volume, play mode, MIDI trigger, etc)
    • pad mixer (volume, pan, output, effect setting and send level)
    • amp envelope
    • filters
    • Q-Link sliders
  • copy entire pads and layers and sliders in one step
  • copy individual pad, layer, mixer, envelope, and filter settings to any number and combination of pads in one step
  • playback samples in layers
  • assign a sample to a range of pads (tune and MIDI trigger are automatically adjusted)

Latest Version: (posted 2005.12.18)
Download BlueBox
  • This version can also be obtained through BlueBox's update feature.
Download Windows Installer
Windows 9x/ME
NT 4.0/2000
  • This application installer requires Microsoft Windows Installer. This is included with most newer versions of Windows. If you don't have it, follow the links to the left to obtain it (free download).
  • If you are unable to update the application using the Update feature (ie: no Internet access), please note that you must uninstall any existing versions of BlueBox before installing a newer version. All configuration settings will be maintained.

Version Info
What's New:
  • NEW: sample browser; browse drives/directories, drag/drop files from browser to pads
  • CHANGED: improved layer level response when auditioning pads/layers
Known Issues:
  • screen redraw problems when scrolling right side panels
  • extreme layer tune settings not correctly played back
Work In Progress:
  • n/a

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