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There are no doubt errors in some of my considerations so please advise me of any corrections that I should make, but the concepts are extremely well supported by present laws of physics, especially Newton's laws, First Law of Thermodynamics, and Maxwell's laws, and by the existence of CDM by astrophysics. Don't bother telling me the ether doesn't exist, I have already heard it, and besides, it does. If it didn't, light would never reach us from the sun or from anywhere else including this monitor. I use CDM (cold dark matter) and ether (carrier of light) interchangeably. We can quibble about differences at a later time, for the time being, please read CDM=ether=carrier of light and when "pure" effectively = vacuum.

  1. Ether Theory Challenge Letter: Originally, "Ether, Newton's revolving vessel, and 3 prominent supporters"
  2. Early Ravings on CDM - Rave - serious ones should skip to 2. Structure or Text
  3. Structure of CDM - Text -graphics- Graphics - Graphic2 - graphics are varying size to better fit your screen and are more completely viewed Netscape/Explorer full page views (with toolbars hidden)
  4. Historical Viewpoint - Text.h
  5. Rules of CDM - the laws and measurements which define the structure of Cold Dark Matter.
  6. Michelson-Morley - Text.m -graphics- MM1 - graphics
  7. Einstein Special relativity - Text.e - reconsidered - Special Spectrum
  8. Einstein relativity - Text.e2 - What about the other 2 dimensions? - Special Spectrum 2
  9. Heisenberg Wave-particle theory - Vacuum or Aether?
  10. E = mc2 is actually I@ the torque energy of one Aether sphere rotating at angular velocity - w (c2) rotations per second. (@ = w/ t)
  11. Future graphics for Gravity discussions
  12. Latest Hit list - Optics and Universal Acceleration


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