Back to Homepage --- Very crude demo of Proton core in Aether theory. . (SORRY - My AVI files still do not work on Netscape - work well on Microsoft Internet Explorer Brower) Use mouse to activate videos!!

Mock Hydrogen Proton core (Upper or Left)--------------Ether core (Lower or Right)(1.4 Meg Motion files -Takes 2+ MINUTES to load)

The Left (or first) image is Mock Proton (Hydrogen Nucleus or matter with mass - space occupied by matter which continually displaces its Volume in 3D space) - the Right (or second) image is non-detectable ether (matter without mass [or at least undetectible mass]- space occupied by matter which does not routinely displace its Volume in 3D space.) (NOTE: spheres 2 and 4 on the top layer of hydrogen core are transparent for better viewing of center core reverse spin.)( Sphere 4 on top layer ether is absent for same reason.)

It would appear to me that true Hydrogen core with a diameter of 1-2 Angstrom would most likely have 100s of thousands of circling spheres in its total nucleus, the number of active "shells" in the lower core would depend on the energy state of the atom.