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Z-Control Skid Boots combine comfort and protection for your dog with convenience for you.

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   Z-Control Skid Boots were born out of my frustration with other methods of skid protection.  Wrapping with Vetwrap was tricky and time consuming, and was a constant source of worry at busy tournaments...  "Only four races in between...  Do I dare leave him wrapped, or will his feet wind up swelling?  And if I DO leave the Vetwrap on him, will he shred it as soon as I turn my back?"  There had to be a better way.

   Next I experimented with the two-strap, leather skid boots.  Better.  Easy on, easy off.  But the boots tended to rotate on the leg after skidding, and had to be constantly checked and repositioned.  Adding darts to create more of a cup around the stop helped some, but didn't solve the problem entirely.  And when I gave a pair of leather boots to a teammate whose dog had dew claws, I was horrified to discover that the lower strap could work its way under the dew claw, forcing it up and outwards.  Back to the drawing board.

   After that I began experimenting with different combinations of neoprene and velcro.  Comfortable, easy to put on and take off, but not durable.  An habitual power-slider could burn through plain neoprene in a single race.  Leather reinforcement over the stops solved that problem without compromising flexibility.  And the strapless, one-piece design was safe for dogs with dew claws.

Start Building Your Boots!

Right now, you will have to make note of your options and send me an e-mail.  I am working on adding a Shopping Cart to the site to make the whole ordering experience easier.  I appreciate your patience!

Standard boots are four and one half inches tall. The top of the boot should be at least one inch above the top of the carpal pad or stop.  Taller is fine as long as it is not impinging on the elbow. If you need custom cut taller or shorter boots (add $3.00 per pair), let me know how tall you want them.

Wee Zee Boots are custom cut to your dog’s specifications, please provide the wrist measurement AND the height desired. As above, the top of the boot should be at least one inch above the top of the carpal pad or stop. Taller is fine as long as it is not impinging on the elbow.

Let me know your dog’s boot size, or, if this is your first order, give me your dog’s wrist measurement taken like so:

How To Measure

If your dog’s leg measurements are a quarter inch or more different, give me both the right and left measurements.  There is no additional charge for pairs of boots with two different sizes.  Do you only need right boots or left boots?  I can do that, too, at no additional charge.



Choose your neoprene:

Standard 2mm Neoprene Colors $14.00/pair. The original, for flexibility, protection and comfort.

First Place Blue (royal blue)

Relay Red

Go Green (forest green)

Tennis Ball Yellow (fluorescent yellow, orange interior)

International Orange (fluorescent orange, yellow interior)

Perfect Pass Purple

Snowblind (white)

Wolf Gray

Basic Black

Nouveau Navy

Chocolate Brown

Big Dog Burgundy




Z-Max 3mm Neoprene Colors $17.00/pair. For extra durability, cushioning and support.

Lime Green (fluorescent green)

Hot Pink (fluorescent pink)

Tennis Ball Yellow (fluorescent yellow)

International Orange (fluorescent orange)

Little Boy Blue (powder blue)

Puppy Pink (pale pink)

Turbo Turquoise


Basic Black

Snowblind (White)




Wee Zee 1mm Neoprene $17.00/pair. Thin, soft, flexible neoprene for the little guys, available in black only.


Now add your options:


Wrapped leather–In this variation, the leather reinforcement at the back of the book extends all the way to the bottom of the boot and wraps under the lower edge, protecting it from fraying. Add $3.00/pair.

wrapped leather

Dew Claw Shielding–Extra leather added to the interior of the boot to prevent protruding dew claws from puncturing the neoprene body of the boot. Add $3.00 per pair.

Dew Claw

Custom Detailing–Add hand painted flames, your dog’s name, hearts and flowers, flaming skulls. Add $5.00 - $10.00, depending on the complexity of the design.




Wee ZeesWee Zee2

Wee Zees, being modeled by Cooper



About Your Dog's New Boots

   For maximum protection, Z-Control Skid Boots should fit snuglyLoose boots will ride up the dog's legs as soon as he dives or skids.  You should have to stretch the boot in order to close the velcro.

   You'll notice that the boots are marked "left"  and "right" (or "L" and "R").  That's your dog's left and right.  Put the boots on the correct leg, with the lettering at the bottom.  After closing the velcro, check to be sure the leather patch is positioned over the dog's stop.  If you put your boots on the same way each time, within a few wearings the boots will stretch slightly, and shape to your dog's legs.  That's the reason they're marked.


    As with any new experience, some dogs adapt easily to their new boots, and other may need a little time to get used to them.  Odd gaits, including "high stepping", are not uncommon when you put the boots on for the first time.  As with any new piece of equipment, it's best to try them out in practice first.  Most dogs forget all about the boots when distracted by a tennis ball or frisbee.

   For longest life, store your boots with the velcro closed.

   Allow sweaty or damp boots to dry completely before sealing the storage bag to avoid stinky boots.

   The boots are easy on, easy off AND easily chewed up.  Don't leave your dog unattended while wearing his Z-Control Skid Boots.


Just the FAQs, Ma'am...

Frequently Asked Questions


                  Zane sports skid boots in Tennis Ball, customized with a hand-painted flame motif.                                       

Add custom detailing to your boots for $5 - $10 per pair.

(Depends on the complexity of the design)


Gift Certificates

Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite flyball fanatic, or a raffle table item?  

How about a gift certificate for Z-Control Skid Boots!


For further information or to place an order:  khhfm@charter.net


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