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Driving to Net 0

Stories of Hope for a Carbon-Free Future


Imagine a future where each home powers not only itself, but the cars surrounding it.  Imagine doing this with no fumes, no soot, and no emissions, from a fuel source that will never run out or jump in price. That future is possible now as many households have discovered; they are driving to net 0.




Chapter 1 - The Motorcycle Enthusiast

                        By Mark Bishop and Martha Livingston

Chapter 2 - An Unapologetic Car Junkie

                        By David Erb

Chapter 3 - The Green Guy

                        By David Hrivnak

Chapter 4 - One House, Two Cars, A Quest for Sunshine Symbiosis

                        By Peder Norby

Chapter 5 - The Cyclist

                        By Steve Stevens

Chapter 6 - The Heliospiti (Sun House)

                        By Jim Riggins

Chapter 7 - Freedom from Fossil Fuels

                        By Alan Spector, AIA

Chapter 8 - Ten years with a Bucket....

                        By Peter Schwartz

Chapter 9 - RISE

                      By Rita Hennessy and Sean Palmer