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Jan. 25th 1944 - Apr. 25th 2002

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Dick Campbell's Mercury album

Dick Campbell Sings Where Its At.

Album Produced by Lou Reizner

Mercury Records SR 61060 (stereo)

Recorded in 1965 at Universal Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois, by:

DICK CAMPBELL (vocals & acoustic guitar): I Had Written a couple of "Dylan-esque" songs which Mercury liked. Columbia had Dylan and Mercury didn't. They asked me to write ten more, Come back in two weeks, and make an album. So I did and this is it.

MIKE BLOOMFIELD [electric guitar]: Producer Lou Reizner hired Bloomfield to get the Bob Dylan sound. Mike had backed Dylan when he first "went Electric" at the 1965 Newport Folk Music Festival and also played on Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited.

PAUL Butterfield [harmonica]: What's a Dylan song without a harmonica? Paul was the best "harp" player in Chicago, so he was hired too. Butterfield brought along his band which included guitarist Elvin Bishop, but Bishop didn't end up on the album.

SAM LAY [drums]: Sam, like Bloomfield, was also a member of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. He Backed Dylan at Newport and on Highway 61 Revisited. A member of the Blues Hall of Fame, Sam has backed blues great's Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters.

MARK NAFTALIN [organ]: Another Butterfield member, Mark cleverly played the carol Joy To The World during the bridges on my song Aphrodites Child. A European band used my name Aphrodites Child before hitting as Vangelis with Chariots of Fire.

PETER CETERA [electric bass]: Peter was with a band called The Exceptions and they recorded a song from my album, Ask Me If I Care. He later became the lead singer and bass player with the group Chicago, and wrote major hits such as If You Leave Me Now.

THE EXCEPTIONS: This noted Midwest band also included keyboardist Marty Grebb (who went on to the Buckinghams), Jimmy Vincent (guitar), and Billy Herman (drums). Marty played finger cymbals on Where Were You, Later recorded by Ian and And The Zodiacs.

ALSO: DrummerLarry "Wild" Wrice , who has played with legends like Marvin Gaye, Lou Rawls, and Count Basie; and my good friend (and cousin) Artie Sullivan on vocals and tambourine. Artie recorded one of my songs Its Time, released on Swan Records.

Artist's credits written by Dick Campbell in 2002 for production of CD

Here is one of the two songs which Mercury liked that garnered D.C. the record deal

Aphrodite's Child - Dick Campbell.

Check out this article from Scram magazine found on INSOUND.COM which proclaims Dick as the all time next Dylan for his Sings Where It's At album.


Dick Campbell in studio making the Sings Where It;s At album 1965.

Here are some photos of Dick Making the Mercury album.

Click on the photos or text below to see the photos of Dick Making the Mercury album.

Photo's of Dick Campbell while making the Mercury Album.

Dick Campbell song of the month for June 2005.

Dick singing and playing Jimmy Rodgers (Mule Skinner Blues) with a friend.

Mule Skinner Blues

Featured Dick Campbell link for June 2005.

Some info and a published discography on Dick.

"Dick Campbell at MP3.com"

Friends and Cohorts.

In this section you can learn a little about and see some photos of some of Dick's Friends and fellow musicians like Gary Usher and others.

Friends of Dick Campbell

Dick Campbell discography.

Here is a complete Discography of all of Dick Campbell's published works.

Dick Campbell Discography.

Following is a partial list of acetates by Dick Campbell and Gary Usher.

Dick Campbell acetates.

Besides the music.

Dick wrote 398 songs as well as many poems, short stories, and screen plays. In this example of Dick's poetry and in many of his songs you can see a strong influence of Dick's love of history.


Check out this photo of Dick's Mercury album cover that he altered a little when he was first learning how to use Microsoft paint. Dick liked all forms of art. Once he got the hang of using the paint Dick made many cool paintings.

Dick Campbell Punk Where Its at.

One of Dick's many awards and acknowledgments.

Dick won an international broadcasting award from the Hollywood Radio and Television Society. The award honoring worlds best broadcast advertisement of 1972.

TITLE:--------(Honda Way).


ADVERTIZORS:--(American Honda Motor Co. Inc.).

AGENCY:-------(Grey advertising Inc.).

PRODUCTION:---(Quantum Records).

CATAGORY:-----(Radio Musical 60 seconds).

TALENT:-------(Dick Campbell).

Here is the Song (Honda Way) that won Dick the award.

Honda Back Roads, By Dick Campbell

Dick Campbell Links

Check out this extensive list of link's which reference D.C. that is to long to fit on the main page.

Dick Campbell links

Click here to view previous Dick Campbell Links of the month.

previous Dick Campbell links of the month

Links to purchase Dick Campbell music.

Dick Campbell (Blue Winds Only Know U.S. and U.K.) at AOL)

Dick Campbell (Blue Winds Only Know U.S.) at Sonic Past Music)

Dick Campbell (Blue Winds Only Know U.K.) at Rev-ola)

Dick Campbell (Blue Winds Only Know) at Amazon.com U.S. & U.K.)

Dick Campbell Sings Where It's At lp available used on the net

Another link to purchase Dick Campbell Sings Where It's At lp used.

One more link to purchase Dick Campbell Sings Where It's At lp used.

Link to Amazon.com to purchase Blue Winds or Beyond the shadow of doubt.

Link to purchase one of Dick's first 45's featuring Debbie Darling and She's My Girl.

Short post music biography by Dicks son.

Click on this photo above or this text to see Dick's tombstone and read a short post music bio on Dick.

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