Dear Campbells,.

One day I was "Googling" around and decided to try a name of someone I knew in the early 60's. Wondering where he was and what happened to him. The last time I heard about him was many years ago when he recorded for Mercury records. It was Dick Campbell. In the 60's, I was a DJ on a station in Worcester, MA called WORC. WORC was THE station everyone listened to at the time. WORC was one of two all request stations in the country. We broke a lot of records and groups because Boston stations had limited playlists. So the record reps came to Worcester and WORC to get new records played.

As part of my "act" I used to sing along to records. More and more, listeners started to request me singing along. One day I took an instrumental cut off a Sandy Nelson album. He had a #4 instrumental drum hit in 1959 with "Teen Beat" and another in 1961 "Let There Be Drums". I added my own words and recorded it in our station production studio. I played it on the air and reaction to it was overwhelming.

On occasion a local person would cut a record and we played it. One of those people was Gary Usher who lived in nearby Westboro. His song "Lies" was a local hit. I was one of the hot DJ's on the station and got to know Gary because of it.

To make a long story short, one night I was called by a guy named Artie Sullivan who lived in Shrewsbury outside of Worcester. He and his "cousin" Dick Campbell wanted to meet with me. He said Dick and he had a little record label (Camsul) and Dick wrote songs. We ended up recording and putting out two records. We recorded the first two sides in Artie's basement. The titles were "Don't Hurt That Girl" and "True". True was somewhat Roy Orbisonesque sounding. We sold them locally and broke even. We recorded a follow up in the stations production studio. Dick wrote "Hopes & Dreams" for one side. The other side was a Lennon-McCartney song from a Billy J. Kramer album called "I'll Keep You Satisfied". As an aside, we never paid royalties for using it. I hope the statute of limitations has passed.

After that we all went our separate ways. Gary Usher recorded an album for Columbia under the name of "Sagittarius". He ended up being the President of UNI records. I knew that Gary had passed away. I knew Dick recorded albums for Mercury. I went on to program radio stations in major markets. I spent forty years in radio and now live in Shrewsbury, MA. semi-retired.

I was saddened to see that Dick passed away. I had to write and let you know that he touched another person in a very positive way. The 60's were wonderful and naive years for all of us. As a DJ then, it was a time when people "listened and reacted" to radio. Without sounding dated, those were the days when music played a key role in all our lives. Because it was about our lives and our passions.


Bill Garcia

Many thanks to Bill for the letter and for his kind permission to post the song and photos.

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