I first met Dick Campbell in early 1971 when he was working for RCA Records' Dunbar Publishing Co., One of the many companies where i was shopping my songs. We became friends and shared a very common ground on singing, writing and playing. He had already begun his songwriting career with Gary Usher and I joined him as well when he left Dunbar and became publishing manager for Rip/Keca music for Larry Gordon, Danny Thomas' son-in-law, where Gary Usher became a staff writer as well as Dick and I. Rip/Keca became famous for the many hits it churned out from the pen of Jim Weatherly such as 'Midnight Train to Georgia', 'Neither One of Us' and many more. Danny Thomas also recorded a couple of songs co-written by Dick and I before passing away.

We spent hours upon hours in the office at the corner of Sunset and La Brea Avenues in Hollywood, California recording on a 2 track Teac recorder. Dick had a steel 6 string Gibson accoustic guitar and i had a gut string Aria. I also had a 1968 Goldtop Les Paul electric which I used on many sessions. Our percussion instruments were always an empty cardboard film box, wood blocks, thumping on the seat of an office chair, tambourine or whatever else we could find to 'beat' on. We almost always first played a 'bed' of acoustics, then sang variouslead parts in unison and built upon that lead with several harmonies also sung in unison, and then added the lead guitars, piano, bass or whatever was handy. Believe it or not, we also did many sessions in a 'real' and professional recording studio... with recording engineer and all!

Dick possessed a most wonderful sense of humor, always strived for perfection and succeeded in any and everything he attempted, be it music, super 8 filming or his personal amusement passion, playing live, correspondence and eventually internet 'War Games'. I only recently regained contact with him, but sadly the rekindling of our friendship was hampered by distance and ended much to soon by his early and sad passing. He was a unique and talanted individual. We all love and miss him dearly.

Keypashine Golesorkhi

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