LEAF RECORDS C-234/5 - DICK & ROGER (1960)

__C-234 Greatest Girl (Dick Campbell-Roger Hesseling) Published by Leaf Records

__C-235 Happy-Go-Lucky (Dick Campbell) Published by Leaf Records

__________Produced by Dick Campbell & Roger Hesseling

Have a listen to these sound bytes of the 45.

Happy Go Lucky.

Greatest Girl.

RECORDED: 1960 in a barn on a farm near Janesville, Wisconsin

RELEASED: Leaf Records C-234, same year

ARTIST: Dick & Roger

A SIDE: Greatest Girl (C-234)

WRITER: Dick Campbell-Roger Hesseling

B SIDE: Happy-Go-Lucky (C-235, instrumental)

WRITER: Dick Campbell

PRODUCER: Campbell & Hesseling (uncredited)

MUSICIANS: Roger Hesseling, lead and background vocal, tenor drum

Dick Campbell, background vocal, lead and rythmn electric guitar

DETAILS: Campbell, 16 years old, was unfamiliar with the importance of bass on his first record and totally ignored the need for one. Mort Armstrong, a drummer, had been scheduled to play, but a dispute ended that. Instead Hesseling banged along on a rented tenor drum while Campbell played rythmn guitar. Then both sang along with the track while Campbell added lead guitar and the combination was recorded on a second tape machine.

Except for the tenor drum, the instrumentation and use of a vocal on one side with an instrumenal on the other was inspired by the Fendermen from Wisconsin who had released a hit on Mule Skinner Blues b/w Torture (instrumental) in the summer of 1960 using only two guitars too. Only the rythmn guitar was in a bass tone and the Fendermen were way better. The Dick & Roger record sold 100 copies.

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