MERCURY RECORDS SR-61060 / MG-21060 -



__________The Blues Peddlers

__________You've Got To Be Kidding


__________The People Planners

__________Aphrodite's Child

__________Despair's Cafeteria


__________Approximately Four Minutes Of Feeling Sorry For D.C.

__________Object Of Derision

__________Where Were You

__________Girls Named Misery

__________Ask Me If I Care

__________Don Juan Of The Western World

All songs written by Dick Campbell - MRC Music (BMI)

Personnel: Dick Campbell, Mike Bloomfield, Peter Cetera,

Paul Butterfield, Mark Naftalin, Marty Grebb, Jimmy Vincent,

Artie Sullivan, Billy Herman, Sam Lay, and Larry Wrice.

__________Produced by Lou Reizner

Have a listen to one of the tracks from the album. I change this song from time to time so check back once in awhile.

Aphrodite's Child.mp3

Dick Campbell Sings Where Its At.

Album Produced by Lou Reizner, Mercury Records SR 61060 (stereo)

Recorded in 1965 at Universal Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois, by:

DICK CAMPBELL (vocals & acoustic guitar): I Had Written a couple of "Dylan-esque" songs which Mercury liked. Columbia had Dylan and Mercury didn't. They asked me to write ten more, Come back in two weeks, and make an album. So I did and this is it.

MIKE BLOOMFIELD [electric guitar]: Producer Lou Reizner hired Bloomfield to get the Bob Dylan sound. Mike had backed Dylan when he first "went Electric" at the 1965 Newport Folk Music Festival and also played on Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited.

PAUL Butterfield [harmonica]: What's a Dylan song without a harmonica? Paul was the best "harp" player in Chicago, so he was hired too. Butterfield brought along his band which included guitarist Elvin Bishop, but Bishop didn't end up on the album.

SAM LAY [drums]: Sam, like Bloomfield, was also a member of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. He Backed Dylan at Newport and on Highway 61 Revisited. A member of the Blues Hall of Fame, Sam has backed blues greats Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters.

MARK NAFTALIN [organ]: Another Butterfield member, Mark cleverly played the carol Joy To The World during the bridges on my song Aphrodites Child. A European band used my name Aphrodites Child before hitting as Vangelis with Chariots of Fire.

PETER CETERA [electric bass]: Peter was with a band called The Exceptions and they recorded a song from my album, Ask Me If I Care. He later became the lead singer and bass player with the group Chicago, and wrote major hits such as If You Leave Me Now.

THE EXCEPTIONS: This noted Midwest band also included keyboardist Marty Grebb (who went on to the Buckinghams), Jimmy Vincent (guitar), and Billy Herman (drums). Marty played finger cymbals on Where Were You, Later recorded by Ian and And The Zodiacs.

ALSO: Drummer Larry "Wild" Wrice, who has played with legends like Marvin Gaye, Lou Rawls, and Count Basie; and my good friend (and cousin) Artie Sullivan on vocals and tambourine. Artie recorded one of my songs Its Time, released on Swan Records.

Artist's credits written by Dick Campbell in 2002 for production of CD

Dick Campbell Mercury record photos

Pictures of Dick Campbell while making the Mercury Album.

The Mercury album cover.

D.C. at the Mercury office Chicago ill 1966.

D.C. Publicity photo for Mercury album.

D.C. screaming defiance.

In the studio.

Studio shot two.

Dick and Art Sullivan front left.

Studio Shot three.

D.C. and Mercury Rep.

D.C. and Mercury Rep two.

Hanging on the edge.


Some of the Mercury album back up cast.

Mercury Rep two.

Twin Towers.

Last one thanks.

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