- I just googled my old pal Dick Campbell and am saddened to find that I'm a couple of years too late. I was a sidekick of his from Worcester, and stayed with him in Wisconsin a couple of times when we were working on writing projects (we wrote a film script and at least one song that I remember).

-Is Artie Sullivan still around? I'd like to reminisce a bit with him if he is. Thanks for maintaining the web site. Cheers.

Bobby Bradford

-Hi Gary -- Thanks for the reply. I have a lot of good memories from those days. I'll try to write something up when I get a chance.

-The script you describe could be the one, although the scenario sounds more like our actual lives (except nobody stole anybody's songs). All I remember about the script is that it probably had strong characters but a weak plot and trivial themes, but we were lacking in formal training and learning as we went along. We wrote it at the behest of Lou Reisner, the Mercury producer of Dick Campbell Sings Where It's At, who wanted to get into film production and was looking for a vehicle to star his foxy young wife. He never did anything with the script, though -- maybe he didn't really have that kind of money, or the time and will to put together a deal, or maybe the script wasn't very good.

-As for songs, the one I remember was called, I think, "Teddy Bear Blues," my lyrics and your dad's tune, recorded by Gary and the Hornets (a Lou Reisner kiddie group, three young brothers), but never released as far as I know. We split a $50 advance, though, which made me feel like a pro, and we were in the studio in Chicago when it was recorded. One of the brothers in the group popped up later singing in an Oscar Meyer weiner commercial, but that didn't do much for us. Too bad. It had HIT written all over it.

-I don't remember the skits you mention, but we were always working on something, and I'd love to have copies, please. Thanks in advance and thanks for Cousin Artie's email address. I'm going to check in with him RIGHT NOW.

-I look forward to more correspondence when time allows. I'd be happy to tell you a bit about your dad's starving artist days, in a shabby Worcester boarding house (on Pleasant Street, as one of the skits recalls).

-By the way, nothing on the web site or the obit mentions Sandi. Dare I ask? She was always nice to me. We were sort of kids together, when we all lived together (along with my girlfriend) in a farmhouse in Wisconsin while working on that script. Cheers. Your pal

Bobby Bradford.

-Hi Gary -- Of course, you may use any of this material that you'd like. I'll send a picture or two as well. I don't think I have any of Dick (who could afford a camera or film processing in those Starving Artist days?), but I think I have one of me as a teen-age skimpy-bearded proto-hippie in the days I hung out with your dad.

-I would like to write up something as well, but I'm not sure when I'll have time. Do you want it warts and all, or should I just be nice? Not that I would say anything REALLY bad, but we were hardly flawless in those days, as artists or as people. But I should mostly thank Dick for taking me seriously and encouraging me as a musician and as a writer, even though I was just a scruffy kid with poor work habits (to say the least).

-I just wrote to Cousin Artie, as well, but I only got to that today. Hope I hear back from him. I don't imagine he has many people around who really know about his old days as a recording artist, etc., so I expect he'll be happy to reminisce. I dare say he'll spark my memory a bit, too. More soon. Cheers. Your pal,

Bobby Bradford

-Hi Gary ( Here are a "then" and a "now" photo. Haven't had a chance to write up my memories of the old days, although it's been on my mind a lot. I always thought your dad and I would hook up again some day. Feels funny to know that we won't. But I will surely write it up.


Many thanks to Bob for the letter and for his kind permission to post the photos.

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