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Featured Dick Campbell link for May 2005.

Some info and a published discography on Dick.

"Dick Campbell at"

Featured Dick Campbell link for April 2005.

A page containing info on Dick's good friend Keypashine Golesorkhi. Some info and link's to info on Dick found here also.

"Black n Blues bio page"

Featured Dick Campbell link for March 2005.

A link to Sonic Past Music where you can find Dick's latest release as well as plenty of other great music.


Featured Dick Campbell link for Febuary 2005.

A link to where you can purchase the New U.S. release of Blue Winds Only KNow. There is also alot of bio and discography info on Dick at this site.


Featured Dick Campbell link for January 2005.

A link to from another country. they have the album title incorrect but make up for this by letting you sample all the tracks from the Brittish release of Blue Winds Only Know. Give a listen.


Featured Dick Campbell link for December 2004.

Another place to find the Blue Winds CD with nice short bio on Dick.


Featured Dick Campbell link for November 2004.

Check out this article from Scram magazine found on INSOUND.COM which proclaims Dick as the all time next Dylan for his Sings Where It's At album.


October 2004.

Link to Plan B Magazine with a review of the Blue Winds CD near the botom of the page.


September 2004.

Good old Rock n Roll Song.

"D.C. and Gary Usher"

July 2004.

A little info on Dick on this great site.

"Quill Records"

June 2004.

Good friend and fellow musician Jeff Janning Makes mention of Dick on His web site.

"Dick Campbell and Jeff Janning"

MAY 2004

Dick's music and oher info at

"Dick Campbell at Yahoo"

APRIL 2004

Check out this review from Shindig Magazine of Dick's new CD Blue Winds Only Know

"Shindig Magazine"

MARCH 2004

Link to Cherry Red Records U.K. newsletter announcing Dick's new CD (Blue Winds Only Know).

Cherry Red Records Newsletter


A great Mercury Records site containing loads of info for collectors or anyone with an interest in music. A must see for music fans.

Mercury Records Collection


Rockin Country Style is a fantastic discography of country rock & roll and related records, 1951 - 1964.

Rockin Country Style


Dick's Yahoo group link has lots of cool pictures and Mp3's.

Yahoo Groups Dick Campbell


This is another great web site that pays tribute to the fallen great's. Search page for Dick Campbell


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