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Me & the Altamaha-ha statue created by talented Rick Spears, the cryptid subject of my 3rd novel, "Wake of the Lake Monster", taken at the opening of the Darien Tourist Center, in Darien, Ga.

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We're not just about Monsters any more!

My name is Dallas Tanner, and I have the distinction of being one of the first novelists in the genre of cryptofiction. Cryptofiction is a phrase coined in the last several years to describe stories written about cryptids, essentially animals out of place or time. Although I write novels, I am also a strong advocate of research and the application of the scientific method.

In my novels, I am striving to discover the origin of the species that account for native legends, historical records and eyewitness reports. I go more in detail about this process in my books, but suffice it to say that I do my homework before I ever devote a year of my life to any project.

So, while you are here, take a look around, and let me know if you have any comments or questions. In my career in the field thus far, I have been an author, lecturer, investigator, radio show host and conference organizer. I enjoy the subject immensely, and appreciate you for taking the time to stop by. You could be anywhere else on the Internet right now, and I will do everything I can to make your visit worthwhile.

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Current Activities

Look what I've been up to lately...

"The Shroud" is Finished!


After more than a year of research and writing, I have completed the manuscript of my 4th novel, the 15th-century conspiracy tale called "The Shroud". I spoke with a major publisher today, and was so motivated by his success and interest in promoting new authors as well as drawing established bestsellers, that I went home and kept at it until I had completed the massive story that took me away from virtually everything other pastime. The sheer amount of research and the depth of storytelling around this project is deeper than anything else I have ever written, and I am looking forward to bringing you updates on its literary future.

"The Shroud" has returned from the editor, and wading through all the red ink to polish the story,per my beloved editor. As with "The Cryptids Trilogy", I will be forwarding the novel to Variance Publishing, for consideration as a submission to their growing pool of well-known and soon-to-be-so authors.


The 2010 Season of "Lost Tapes" is Here!


This past Spring, I had the opportunity to work with Bo Palinic and the good folks at Go Go Luckey Productions out in Los Angeles as an expert guest commentator on their #1 rated Animal Planet series, "Lost Tapes". I filmed a total of 10 segments for them on a variety of paranormal subjects in which they stage re-enactments of sightings. My job was to be one of the commentators who talks to an interviewer off camera regarding the various native legends, historical accounts and eyewitness reports surrounding such diverse topics as cryptozoology, the supernatural, and otherworldly beings. Below is a listing of the air dates for the new season of "Lost Tapes". Check your local listings for times, as they will likely show more than once in a given viewing area. So, set your DVRs and TiVos, and let me know what you think of the show!



Please bear in mind, that depending on the time constraints and final editing for these episodes, that I could be in some, none or all of these programs!



2010 Schedule on Animal Planet:

09/28/10 10:00 PM Zombies
09/28/10 10:30 PM Kraken
10/05/10 10:00 PM Strigoi
10/05/10 10:30 PM Poltergeist
10/12/10 10:00 PM Devil Monkey
10/12/10 10:30 PM Yeti
10/19/10 10:00 PM Wendigo
10/26/10 10:00 PM Q: The Serpent God
11/02/10 10:00 PM Beast of Bray Road
11/09/10 10:00 PM Reptilian

  Update: Well, the 2010 season of "Lost Tapes" is over, and I had a blast recording the interviews over a grueling 14 hour, 200+ question session. It's too early to say yet whether GoLucky Productions will ask me back for a third season, but regardless, I wish them all the best. In case you missed them, the whole season is already available on DVD from Amazon, with yours truly inexplicably listed as the star of the show. Needless to say, I enjoyed being one of the guest commentators, and would do it again in a New York minute!
  Filming segments for the #1 rated Animal Planet show, "Lost Tapes"
  Published The Cryptids Trilogy for Trilogus Books and Kindle Editions
  Discussions with upstate college to become an English professor
  Hosting the 1 hr. Paranomaly Radio show Thursdays at 11:00 PM EST
  Recording audio book version of "The Chupacabra"
  Working on the final draft of my 4th novel, "The Shroud"
Latest Project


My latest effort is called "The Shroud", and involves the link between a mysterious explosion at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the theft of a biblical relic second only to the Shroud of Turin in Oviedo, Spain.

What ties the two together is a stranger who approaches forensic historian Jim Lambert, asking for his help in thwarting those who would use the power of both artifacts to resurrect an ancient evil.

In a race across two continents, Lambert and Sindonologist Charlotte Maddox will find themselves fugitives for the crimes they are attempting to solve, while seeking the aid of madmen and heretics.

The Cryptids Trilogy

Looking for something new? Try Cryptofiction

I think I may have just the thing for you. My name is Dallas Tanner, and I am the author of "The Cryptids Trilogy", which consists of "Shadow of the Thunderbird", "Track of the Bigfoot", and "Wake of the Lake Monster". They are influenced by the likes of Crichton (Jurassic Park/The Lost World), Rollins (Subterranean), Cussler (Sahara), Alten (The Meg Series), Preston & Child (Relic/Thunderhead).

There is a developing relationship between the two main protagonists that runs throughout the series. That is, when their obvious differences aren't overshadowed by obstacles in the form of ancient cities, harsh terrains, mystics, prehistoric beasts, traps, puzzles, secret organizations/societies, otherworldly technology, and the occasional megalomaniac bent on world domination.

The science and history are accurate, there is little gratuitous sex, language or violence, and the only real suspension of disbelief is in the survival of the titular creature past the last ice age. The mystery is in the discovery of the origin and species of an animal relegated to myth and legend, by characters with distinct flaws and idiosyncrasies.

Click on the image of the book cover or title text below to go that novel's page for more information, excerpts, reviews or the
books page for an overview of the series.

The Cryptids MOVIE Trilogy


Now, you can help to cast the perfect actors and actresses for the roles of Ian McQuade, Alma Del Nephites, and all the other principal characters of "The Cryptids Trilogy". So, click this LINK and cast your votes for who you would like to see in film adaptations of "Shadow of the Thunderbird", "Track of the Bigfoot", and "Wake of the Lake Monster".

Trilogus Book Editions

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