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There are those who believe that a creature as small as a young child but as deadly for its size as any on earth has been depicted in the ancient art of the Mayans. There are others who say that it was spawned through genetic engineering or eluded capture when its space ship crashed to earth.

The rumors, the sightings and the physical evidence are spreading throughout the Spanish-speaking world. A cultural phenomena only? It was, until the deputy sheriff of an east Texas town investigated the bizarre killing of a prize bull...

Published in Elementia Bestia
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Online comments (eBook version only)

Posted By Fred Scheeren

If you've had the privilege of reading "Shadow of the Thunderbird" or " Track of the Bigfoot" you already know that D. L. Tanner is a great story teller.  You also know that he is a great researcher.  He has a talent unique among all other cryptozoologists of writing what would be, in and of itself, an entertaining, riveting, and enjoyable adventure story.  When you combine this with his ability to weave in the things we know of Cryptids you come away with the most enjoyable educational experience available in zoology, bar none.

His new Novella, "Chupacabra," is a stellar example of his talent.  Here we learn more about these mysterious creatures in one place than is available anywhere else.  And what one learns sticks with you since it is presented in such an attractive fashion.  If the reader is familiar with this animal, he or she will realize the genius of Mr. Tanner as they go through the story.  If unfamiliar with this cryptid, the reader will be even more amazed if they will simply take the trouble to examine the other sources available on the subject.  Such an examination will show them that in this novella they have already learned just about anything that has been reported on the Chupacabra.  As they go through the sightings and reports from elsewhere they will be able to say to themselves over and over, "I learned that already in D. L. Tanner's Novella."

One again, Kudos go to this fine author for his depth of research and for providing us with such a fine read.  However, he deserves the most recognition for his genius in divining a method of enabling his readers to remember what he is teaching them by virtue of his engaging presentation.

We can only hope that he continues to work in this field for many many years to come.  Serious students of cryptozoology everywhere should be aware of this great author and ought to devour his every word.



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