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An amazing journey unlike any taken before

A mysterious explosion at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, during an exhibition on the Shroud of Turin, leads forensic historian Jim Lambert and medical examiner Charlotte Maddox on a chase halfway across the world to uncover a 15th century conspiracy and the plot to resurrect an ancient evil.

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James Lambert is a Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Chicago,  and a forensic historian who believes that Leonardo Da Vinci created a perfect copy of the Sindon, the burial cloth of Christ known as the Shroud of Turin. Citing an unpaid commission by the House of Savoy to paint a replica, he searches for proof that the renaissance master employed techniques that took four centuries to discover the faded image of the crucified Jesus.

Divorced by his wife and ridiculed by his peers for what many feel does not take into account its biblical timeline, Lambert travels with Sindonologist Charlotte Maddox across Europe at the request of a stranger who insists that he can help them solve the riddle of the Holy Grail, and the fate of the last Knights Templar. What they discovered at the ruins of the Temple of Solomon is bound up with the flight of Joseph of Arimathea from Jerusalem. 

Everywhere they turn, colleagues are dying or revealing themselves to be something other than what they truly are. No one is to be trusted, as Lambert and Maddox are accused of the crimes committed just before or after they find another clue. Others pursuing them will stop at nothing to fulfill biblical prophecy, and bring about the end of the world. The only way the two experts can stop them is to discover the truth about its origins, and prevent its theft.



Toscado bowed his head in prayer, crossing himself as he begged forgiveness for his impetuous decision. Roland, Jim and Charlotte turned away and covered their eyes. The light now filled the upper chamber with incredible brilliance, driving the shadows from every corner of the room. They heard behind them footfalls on the stair, and the rattle of metal as from brandished weapons. The guards heard the commotion, and struggled to make their way to the top of the steps. Even covering one’s eyes with either hands or the crook of an arm in order to blot out the light grew fruitless. It was if they now stood in the presence of a transfigured being, for whom the radiance was the lathe of heaven. It drove all that was worldly and vain from their hearts and minds, and filled them with a godly fear and sorrow in its wake.

The report of semi-automatic gunfire resounded off the walls, to be followed by the sound of bullets piercing the walls of the chapel of San Miguel. The pikes fell uselessly to the stone floor, moments before they heard the duller noise of bodies slumping to the ground. The guards had been killed, by as many as five men now on the landing. They seemed unaffected by the light, which was more than likely in response to their untimely arrival. None of the three could make them out clearly, except that they seemed to be wearing some fashion of electronic vision or highly polarized goggles. The men moved quickly, pushing Roland and Maddox to one wall, and Lambert against the other. The dean remained unmoved from where he knelt in prayer, presumably hands folded in an aspect of prayer and supplication. Regardless of who may have prompted the supernatural reaction to the unscheduled opening of the Arca Santa, Felipe Toscado acted as if it was his sole responsibility.

He refused to obey their persistent commands to back away from the casket. In his adamant defiance, he was threatened with death and dragged backwards from the entrance to the Cámara Santa. He kicked and screamed, struggling with his assailants to release him and leave that holy place. God would smite them, he swore, and cursed them for their heathen ungodliness, until one of the men butted him in the head with the stock of his machine gun. The reverend dean of the Cathedral of San Salvador rolled back off his knees, unconscious before he hit the stonework of the upper chamber floor.

Could Leonardo Da Vinci have forged the Shroud of Turin?


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