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Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade was named Playoff MVP as the Taybacks captured their first GBL title on Sunday.

Taybacks Capture First GBL Title


David West had 23 points and 12 rebounds and Dirk Nowitzki added 28 on Sunday afternoon as the Vic Taybacks defeated the Timberscrubs 135-99 and were coronated GBL champions on their home court. The Taybacks dropped the first game of the Finals, but then tore through the 'Scrubs like a hot knife through butter enroute to their first GBL title in the franchise's thired trip to the Finals. Dwayne Wade's late-season tear earned him the overall Playoff MVP award, while West was named Finals MVP.

April 5 Results

April 3 Results

2008-09 Standings
Swanlund Conference W L GB
z- T. Upside Potential 35 15 --
x- Vic Taybacks 33 17 2
x- Shak Deelite 30 20 5
x- K. Largo Schizznits 29 21 6
Bluff City Classic 23 27 12
Free Ewing 17 33 18
Timmies 17 33 18
Pryplesh Conference W L GB
y- Ralph Wiggums 29 21 --
x- Fishbone 28 22 1
x- Timberscrubs 27 23 2
x- Casino Dealers 27 23 2
Glory Days 24 26 5
B-Sharps 18 32 11
Pervis' Knees 13 37 16
Complete Standings

x- clinched playoff berth
y- clinched conference top seed
z- clinched home court thru playoffs

Sunday, April 5
Vic Taybacks 135, Timberscrubs 99
   Taybacks win 4-1

Friday, April 3
Vic Taybacks 148, Timberscrubs 133
  Taybacks lead 3-1

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Season Complete

March 2, 2008

The League Office announces that LeBron James (S, TUP) has been awarded the 2009 Bowman Trophy for Most Valuable Player.

Casino Dealers sign Dominic McGuire (F, Was) to an ROS contract; activate Tyson Chandler (F, NO) from the injured list; place Amare Stoudemire (F, Phe) on the injured list.

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2008 GBL Free Agent Draft

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