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James Lisle married Mary Anne Leeper, with whose parents he had lived since his father, John Lisle, had died in 1840.  He and Mary left Ohio shortly after his marriage to travel westward, undoubtedly following the National Road.  He stopped in Illinois until 1852, where at least his two eldest children were born.  By 1856 they had moved on to Keokuk Co, Iowa, where several more children were born.  Sometime after 1870, they removed to a farm in Poweshiek Co, Warren Twp near the present town of Guernsey, IA.  About 1875 they moved to a farm just north of Victor, IA in Iowa Co, Hartford, Twp.  They sold this farm in 1885, returning to Poweshiek Co, where they settled in Guernsey owning and operating a general store.  Mary Anne died in 1900 and James died in 1908.  They were the parents of 13 children, all of whom, save two, lived to adulthood.  The photos on the following pages are of several of these children and their descendants, particularly the descendants of John Belle Lisle, the eldest son. 
     I wish to thank Elizabeth Earl Custer, Great Grand Daughter of James and Mary Anne, for her genealogical research on this branch of the Lisle family.  It is because of her kindness that the photos here are available since many were kept in a wonderful album by her mother, Mabel Tubbs.


Powesheik, Iowa, Cass, and Keokuk Counties are in White.  The Capital of Iowa is in Red.

Iowa Map:  After moving from Ohio, James Lisle and family lived in Iowa in
Keokuk, Powesheik, and Iowa Counties.  John Belle Lisle and his family moved to Cass County, Iowa, before moving on to settle in Dixon County, in North Eastern Nebraska.
James and Mary Anne Leeper Lisle, Ancestors
 of the Lisles on this site. 

The source for many of the pictures on this site is the photo album seen below

                                      Mabel Tubbs' Photo Album 1880 - 1935

                      Desk of Hattie Brown Lisle Ludlow

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