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Here is my drawing I made when I was designing the basement.  The basement was laid out to hide as many support poles in the walls.  I hid 8 of 12.  I also left space to have at least 3' isles, with several places up to 6'.  You can see the overall dimensions of the room and bench work.  The town locations are on the plan.  There have been several changes as construction progressed.  RDG Harrisburg staging was originally going to be under the E&N branch.  I ran a helix down under Allentown yard.  The Barber Quarry branch is now the West End branch of the LV.  I also included my line drawings I made to design the signal and detection system.

East end staging to Easton

Easton to Bethlehem

Bethlehem to Allentown yard

Allentown Yard to RDG staging and upper level


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