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Name:  Lehigh Valley Railroad, PA Division
Scale: HO (1:87.1)
Size: 33' x 40' double decked.
Length of mainline run: 300 not including helixes  (a guess)
Prototype: Lehigh Valley (LV)

Layout design: point to point with staging.  Single, double or triple track.

Layout style: mainline around the outer walls, branchlines on inner walls

Interchanges: PC, EL, CNJ, L&HR: Easton, PA

                       RDG, PB&NE: Bethlehem, PA

                       RDG: East Penn Junction (Allentown, PA)

                       D&H: Dupont, PA

Staging: Lower deck: LV (Oak Island) 7, PC (Bel-Del) 4, CNJ/EL 3, L&HR 2,

              RDG (Philly) 4, RDG (Harrisburg & Reading) 5

              Upper deck: LV (Buffalo) 7, D&H (Binghamton) 3


Theme: LV mainline from Phillipsburg, NJ (MP 76.5) to Coxton (MP 185)

             4 branchlines (E&N, West end, M&H, Freeland branch)

             Heavy industry, including Bethlehem Steel, Hurcules Cement, Biney & Smith, Dixie Cup and many others.


Period modeled: Fall 1972
Benchwork: L girder and open grid
Roadbed: cork or homosote over  19/32 plywood
Track: Atlas code 83
Turnout minimums: No. 6 on mainline, No. 5 in for industry
Minimum radii: 30" on mainline, 26" on branchlines
Maximum grade: 1.5% percent
Scenery: plaster over cardboard strips, commercial ground foam and texturing materials
Backdrop: hand-painted on walls (sheetrock)
Control: NCE Powerhouse Pro (DCC)

Operation: Protrak computer generated switch list

Mainline control: CMRI with CTC panel or local tower control (not yet installed)
Overhead lighting: Philips flourescent tubes, "Daylight"


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