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Oak Island staging.

LV Oak Island staging.

Easton yard, with the E&N branch overhead.

Easton Yard.

E&N bridge.

E&N branchline, with removable section out.

E&N removable section.

The E&N branch runs along the interior wall to Stockertown, PA

Upper deck benchwork. Future location of Jim Thorpe, PA.

Allentown yard, lower left. Jim Thorpe above. Lehighton on far wall, upper deck.

Upper deck will be the Narrows, in the curve.

Lehighton track work under devolpment.

RDG Phillidelphia staging, under Easton shops area.

RDG Harrisburg staging under Allentown Yard.

The start of scenry on the E&N.

End of the E&N branch at Stockertown, PA.

Hercules Cement.

LV200 switches the plant.

Treadwell Enginering gets a XM boxcar setout.

LV562 & 519 on the E&N branch.

LV 403, a low nose RS11 makes the setout.

LV403. The model is a brass body, with an Atlas drive.

403 is a low nose RS11.

Local work on the E&N.

LV214, Alco RS2 on the E&N.

LV214 on its way to Stockertown to switch the cement plant.

The E&N branch here is about 8" wide. The Hazelton branch will be on the upper deck over this, eventually.

LV 95111 brings up the rear. This is an OMI brass model.

RDG train crossing the LV tracks, headed to Allentown yard.

LV train headed for home rails.

The RDG/LV connection to the CNJ side of the Lehigh River and Allentown Yard.

The switch on the bridge works. There is a switch machine under the riverbed and the throw rod comes up through the pier.

Overhead shot of the bridge and switch.

The finished helix from Allentown to Lehighton.

Lehighton. CNJ ramp down to LV tracks.

Lehighton.By 1972 Packerton yard was basically abandoned, so I just included a few tracks and the engine terminal.

An updated Allentown yard. I added a RIP track and clean out track on the front side of the layout.

Here are two OMI cabooses custom painted for the LV.

New scenery at Allentown Yard.

Overland Models brass RS3 #211. The LV "hammerhead".

Expect to see this model serving Bethlehem Steel and Florence yard in the future.

A line up of LV F's. East End staging. 566 and 572 were produced by the ARHS.

PC power waits at Allentown Yard.

LV 275 works Allentown yard.

A leased P&S 236 works Allentown Yard.

Allentown yard looks full today.

A LV sand car is waiting for pickup at Lehighton.

LV 633 is serviced at Lehighton.

Future location of Rockport Tunnel

Looking west near toward Rockport

West end staging

East staging on the bottom level, West on top.

West end staging, D&H on the left.

West End staging.

My son brings a LV train into Lehighton. He had better stop, since this the end of the line right now.

The engineers racing trains down the helix.

LV301 & 7644, Allentown Yard