Front cover of "Green Fields of Illinois"GREEN FIELDS OF ILLINOIS --



Record production Chairman: Preston K. Martin
Editor: Judy McCulloh
Recording engineers: John Schmidt and Thacher Robinson
Tape editor: Dick Adams
Jacket design and layout: A. Doyle Moore
Record notes: Cover design and layout -- A. Doyle Moore
                      Photographs -- Jim Gobberdiel
                      Introduction -- Archie Green and Fritz K. Plous, Jr.
                      Biographies -- Fritz K. Plous, Jr.
                      References -- Judy McCulloh and Preston K. Martin
                      Musical and text transcription -- Dick Adams, Judy McCulloh, John and Joke Walsh
                      Promotion and sales: Gary Schroder

Other Production Information

Mastering: E. D. Nunn, Audiophile Records, Saukville, Wisconsin
Processing, pressing, and labeling: Sidney J. Wakefield, Phoenix:, Arizona
Printing: Superior Printing, Urbana, Illinois
Jacket binding: Chicago Album and Specialty Company,  Chicago, Illinois
Stenography and mimeography: Jo Ann Block, Champaign, Illinois

The master tapes were recorded during February and March, 1963, in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Recordings were made at 15 inches-per-second on an Ampex #354 tape recorder using two Sony microphones.

Tape recordings of these and other items by the same performers are on deposit in the Archives of Folk and Primitive Music, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. [NOTE]


NOTE: A search of the archive via IUCAT indicates that it contains one copy of the LP, but there is no indication that tape copies are still maintained there.

"Green Fields Of Illinois" was a record of traditional folk music performed by artists from southern Illinois,  released by the Campus Folksong Club of the University of Illinois in 1963.  It was accompanied by a booklet with extensive documentation about the artists and their songs.  At this website I have reproduced much of the content of that booklet as well as some of the images and cover art.


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