Front cover of "Green Fields of Illinois"GREEN FIELDS OF ILLINOIS -- 



Side A

  1.  GREEN FIELDS OF AMERICA, (1:30) (Stelle Elam, fiddle solo)
  2.  STONEY POINT, (:56) (Stelle Elam, fiddle solo)
  3.  FAIR FANNY MOORE, ( 3:35) (Cecil Goodwin, guitar and vocal)
  4.  OLD AGE PENSION, (1:24) (Cecil Goodwin, guitar and vocal)
  5.  CROW CREEK -- JAY BIRD -- TENNESSEE WAGGONER, (2:56) (Stelle Elam, fiddle; Lyle Mayfield, guitar)
  6.  THE BLACK SHEEP, (3:33) (Lyle Mayfield, guitar and vocal)
  7.  THE LETTER EDGED IN BLACK, (3:45) (Doric Mayfield, guitar and vocal; Lyle Mayfield, mandolin)
  8.  DRINK 'ER DOWN, (3:02) (Lyle Mayfield, guitar and vocal)
  9.  GREEN CORN, (:42) (Jim Goodwin, banjo solo)
10.  HASTE TO THE WEDDING, (:52) (Jim Goodwin, fiddle; Cecil Goodwin, guitar)
11.  SALLY GOODIN, (:55) (Lyle Mayfield, mandolin; Doris Mayfield, guitar)

Side B

  1.  BILLY IN THE LOW GROUND, (1:32) (Stelle Elam, fiddle solo*)
  2.  BUFFALO NICKEL, (1:28) (Stelle Elam, fiddle solo*)
  3.  MY LITTLE GIRL, (:38) (Cecil Goodwin, guitar and vocal)
  4.  BILLY RICHARDSON'S LAST RIDE, (2:20) (Cecil Goodwin, guitar and vocal)
  5.  APPLES IN THE SUMMERTIME, (1:02) (Jim Goodwin, guitar solo)
  6.  OLD COON DOG -- MISSISSIPPI SAWYER, (1:40) (Jim Goodwin, fiddle; Cecil Goodwin, guitar)
  7.  PUT MY LITTLE SHOES AWAY, (2:10) (Lyle Mayfield, guitar and vocal; Doris Mayfield, vocal)
  8.  MISSISSIPPI FLOOD, (1:50) (Cecil Goodwin, guitar and vocal)
  9.  TRAMP ON THE STREET, (2:36) (Cathy Reynolds, vocal; Lloyd Reynolds, guitar)
10.  FARTHER ALONG, (3:00) (Cathy Reynolds, vocal; Lloyd Reynolds, guitar and vocal)
11.  LORD, BUILD ME A CABIN IN GLORY LAND, (1:40) (Cathy Reynolds, vocal; Lloyd Reynolds, guitar and vocal)
12.  LIFE'S RAILWAY TO HEAVEN, (3:24) (Cathy Reynolds, vocal; Lloyd Reynolds, guitar; Lyle Mayfield, mandolin)

* The record cover and booklet show these tracks as being fiddle solo, but in fact there is a guitar accompaniment on both. I suspect that, as on "Crow Creek-Jay Bird-Tennessee Waggoner" on Side A, the guitarist is Lyle Mayfield.

"Green Fields Of Illinois" was a record of traditional folk music performed by artists from southern Illinois,  released by the Campus Folksong Club of the University of Illinois in 1963.  It was accompanied by a booklet with extensive documentation about the artists and their songs.  At this website I have reproduced much of the content of that booklet as well as some of the images and cover art.


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