D                     D                      D                    D
I just found out today           the little game you play

D                     D                      A                     A
I've been sleeping all my life away

D                     D                      D                    D
You've been stepping so they say between midnight and day

D                       A                      D                     D
So I'm gonna sleep with one eye open from now on

G                       G                     D                       D
From now on  (from now on)    all night long (all night long)

D                       D                      D                        A
You won't have a chance       to treat your daddy wrong

D                          D                          D                          D
You've been stepping so they say       between midnight and day

D                              A                         D                        D
So I'm gonna sleep with one eye open from now on

There's honky tonk down the road just a mile or so
I understand that's where you spend your time
Baby I got news for you your little game is through
From now on baby you're gonna toe the line

You thought you were being wise running around with other guys
And leaving me to spend my time alone
But you'll find out today it don't work out that way
You started a little game that two can play