Is there a good cap/nipple combination that stays together until the hammer hits them?

Both Uncle Mikes and Ox Yoke (the makers of Wonder Wads) are marketing little plastic washers that go over the caps to hold them on after they've fired. I haven't tried them yet, but the ones from Uncle Mike have arrived at Trail's End, and the Ox Yoke ones should be in soon. I plan on giving them the big test during Oklahoma's Land Run match in April.


One little trick is to (carefully) give the cap a little `pinch' before placing it on the nipple, thereby making it a little oblong instead of round. Next trick. To keep the expended cap from falling into the Colt action, give the pistol a little clockwise flick of the wrist as you cock it, thereby sorta flingin the expended cap clear of the action. This takes a little practice, but, it works for me!


As far as caps go, I use Remington #10. They stay on the Walkers I use and my son's Remington.


For some reason I find Remington caps work better on my Ruger (i.e. fit the nipple better.) Sorry Har Trigger, I use CCI exclusively otherwise! If you find you are having trouble with caps jarring loose, you may have to pinch them slightly before seating on the nipple to get them to grip better. Make sure the caps are firmly seated on the nipple: if they are sitting back very much you may get a misfire.


Q1. What type of capper works best?

A1. In line cappers are best for revolvers although Remington 1858s are a pain with any capper. The in line will work fine for the Ruger.

A1. Sraightline works best for me. Others like the fancy ones.

A1. I bought a nice new inline capper but found my 25 year old , beat to hell, inline , cheap capper worked better.

A1. Either a GOOD inline capper, or a Ted Cash Revolver capper. A cheap inline capper is a complete waste of money.

A1. Cappers depend on firearm and what works-- I've had good luck w/ a "Ted Cash" (available from Cabella's) after a little custom fitting(filing)

A1. As far as cappers are concerned the best that I've run across come from :

Cash Mfg Co., Inc PO Box 930 Waunakee, WI 53597 608 849-5664

Cappers are $8.50 each with shipping @ $3.50 per load

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