Do the cap'n ballers out there (or here) load powder, wad, ball... or powder, wad, filler (cornmeal, etc.) ball? WonderLube or whatever on top of cylinder?

No cornmeal. Unless you put a wonder wad or something similar, the cornmeal can impregnate the powder, changing its moisture content and consistency. Birdshot wrote a letter to the editor about that in an early Trail's End. C&B revolvers, with the possible exception of the Walker/Dragoon series, don't have enough recoil to worry about anyway. It also adds time and complexity to a reloading process that's a bit slow to start with.

I've read to do it both ways and wondering about the trade-offs.

I don't know what folk think the trade-off is. I see nothing positive about the addition.


Id been a hearing about cornmeal for some time and did not give it much thought. Id been using this in my pistols for about twenty years and all Id ever thought about it was that as much consistency that you can get the better it was between each cylinder. Its been working for me for a lot of years that Id care to remember!


Couldn't agree more with the fun and the aroma. I include corn meal in my rifle cartridges just to add to the fun by seeing those glowing sparks flying out of the barrel with all that smoke.


I use cream of wheat. I hadn't thought of using both a Wonder Wad and cream of wheat. I've also used Pyrodex RS Select instead of P grade. The RS Select and cream of wheat really puts on a spectacular show; lots of flame and ember. But, it tends to foul quickly. I'll give your recipe a try...


The cornmeal serves two functions. First it brings the ball closer to the end of the cylinder, thus shortening the jump into the forcing cone. This gives greater accuracy. Secondly, the cornmeal takes the place of grease and prevents chainfires by sealing off the powder charge.


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