I tend to disagree about the added expense of cap 'n' ball shooting. You can get a decent Remington 1858 in .44 from Cabela's for $99 (brass frame) or $119 (steel frame), and your accessories wouldn't cost that much. I recently got started in black powder and spent a grand total of about $40 buying supplies from Dixie Gun Works. In all, I picked up: 1) Powder flask -- $15 2) Flask spout -- $2 3) Caps -- $4 4) Nipple wrench -- $6.50 5) Nipple picks -- $2 6) Swaged lead balls -- $6 7) Wonder wads -- $5

I got some powder locally for a bit of money (can't remember how much the Goex cost) and I use Crisco to lube the chambers in addition to the Wonder Wads.

All in all, I started shooting black powder for well under $200. There's no way I could have bought any cartridge pistol, complete with accessories, for that much.

As far as how using BP for a second gun will affect you in regard to CAS rules, I'm not sure. But the point is this: Black powder is fairly cheap to start in and it loads of fun, too! I certainly recommend the experience!


As to the categories that a shooter could enter. A percussion revolver is specifically included in all categories in the '97 rules except Modern. A percussion revolver is no more limiting in class than any other fixed sight revolver, less so as the new Frontiersman is specifically for percussion. Some folks have mentioned cost. The only equipment required is a powder flask, powder measure and nipple tool or $40 dollars of equipment. Add the pistol and you are in for under $200. The other items mentioned are ammunition. Ammunition consists of powder, ball and caps. If you are operating on a budget then forget the wads and use Crisco over the seated ball. The Crisco cost is so small as to be not worth including in the calculation. The cost per 100 rounds are: bullets $8.00 powder $4.30 (25grn charge) caps $3.00 ----- 15.30

Try to buy 100 rounds of traditional cowboy cartridges for that. With percussion you get the savings of reloading your own without the overhead equipment costs.


Here's what you can do to shave a little off the costs: 1) Go in with other BP shooters and order BP in 25 lb lots. By the can or 25 lb bag. Hit the GOEX website for distributors. You can also use blasting powder or fireworks powder in anything that passes for FFF-FF. Works fine in the C&Bs & shotgun shells and can be had (before the explosion at the plant) for $4.50- $5.50/lb 2)Find a local bullet caster and buy bulk roundball. Usually $4-$6/100 3)I found .125card and filler wads in .457cal from Track of the Wolf catalog (1-612-424-2500) @ $5.99/1000+S/H i.e.$1/100.Then take the wads and melt a BP lube (not crisco, they delaminate) into them. Goes a long way and is faster than cornmeal/cream of wheat as spacers.


However, I find cap n' ball for the pistols to be very expensive. .44 cal balls are running $8.65/100, wads are $6.95/100, caps are $3.95/100 and powder is $4.00/100. That is about 24 cents a shot. For cartridges, presuming about 6 reloads, cases run $2.25/100, primers run $1.20/100, bullets run 3.60/100 & powder runs $4.00/100. That figures to only 11 cents per shot. Less that half of c n' b costs.


We can't afford to lose any more of the percussion section. Let me ask you a question or two and propose some changes to your figures. The cost comparison was in cost per hundred shots as shown below:

Cap-n-ball BPC bullet 8.65 3.60 powder 4.00 4.00 wad 6.95 ---- brass ---- 2.25 cap/primer 3.95 1.20 _____ _____ total 23.55 11.05

Your bullet and powder costs look like they are based on a .38 cartridge. A bit small but some folks like em. 44-40 or 45 Colt would have more like $6 per 100 for powder and $5 to $6 per hundred bullets. Also, don't count on leaving the wads out for the cartridge, they are used by some reloaders. I would like to get your source for primers, that is a good price. There is no question though, 24 cents per shot is too much for cap-n-ball. So lets see what we can do to get better.

Dump the wads, they are not period any how. Go for some Crisco over the ball. That should be about 50 cents per hundred. Find a new place for caps. If you order a few thousand at a time you should get down to $3 per hundred. Cabelas has swaged .451 for 4.99 per hundred. You could also go for cast, NBC has cast .451 for 3.80 per hundred in a 500 piece order. So lets assume you start shooting with Crisco and cast not swaged bullets.

Cap-n-ball BPC bullet 3.80 3.60 powder 4.00 4.00 Crisco .50 ---- brass ---- 2.25 cap/primer 3.00 1.20 _____ _____ total 11.30 11.05

Hey, you can shoot a real .44 for the same cost as a mouse phart .38 and you don't have to clean brass and spend time reloading except between stages when you didn't have nothing to do no how.

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