Scenario: You are riding along, alone on the range, when you come across a band of Comancheros who are terrorizing a wagon train of pilgrims. They far outnumber you, but since they never play by the rules, this time you won't either. You tie a white flag around the barrel of your single shot rifle and ride toward the ruckus under the guise of a parlay. With the white flag and the sun at your back, you figure this will give you an edge. After a very brief discussion, the leader decides that you should give up your horse and guns. In a show of spite, you spit tobacco juice on the ground, catching the group off guard. While they are wondering how you could be so insolent, you lower your rifle and shoot the leader. The rest of the band scatters and you chase them down and shoot them one by one with your pistols.

Ammunition: 1 rifle, 10 pistol.

Shooting the stage: Sitting on your "horse", you load one round into the rifle. It is either held at port arms, or in one hand with the butt on your thigh. At the buzzer, you spit, {proceedural for not spitting} lower the rifle and fire, un-aimed, hip-shot with either one or two hands, at cardboard IPSC target. Put rifle down, {either in rifle scabbard or on hay bale} and engage ten pistol targets in the order shown, either one pistol at a time or two.
Location of targets and order of fire:
All targets are at pistol distance.