Scenario: Lucas McCain is riding into North Fork in his buckboard with his son Mark. He sees a bunch of bad guys heading for the bank. As he gets down from the buckboard, he grabs his rifle, and dispatches the first of two bad guys with two of his patented hip shots. Then, he tells Mark to go get the sheriff Micah. The rest of the hombres start to head for cover. Six more aimed shots get rid of six of the remaining eight. By this time, the last two rush in a hail of gunfire. Reloading two more rounds just in time, the last two fall from another two hip shots.

Ammunition: 10 rifle.

Shooting the stage: Load eight rounds only in your rifle. Two are kept on your person. (This keeps things equal for those who have only eight round capacity). Sitting on your "buckboard", you step down and grab your rifle (preferably staged either in the buckboard, or on a nearby table/hay bale). You take two hip shots at the two closest large targets. You then yell, "Mark, boy, go get Micah". Shouldering the rifle, you engage the six far targets left to right. You re-load with two more rounds, and take two last hip shots at the same two closest large targets.

Proceedural for not saying, "Mark, boy, go get Micah".

Set-up suggestions: The two targets for the hip shots should be large enough and close enough so that most shooters will have a reasonable chance at hitting them. Possibilities are IPSC type cardboard or paper "bad guy" targets.

Location of targets and order of fire:
(aimed -
rifle distance)
(hip shot -
pistol distance)