It is based on the movie "Rio Bravo" with John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan. Because this is fantasy, you get to be three of the main characters.
Scenario: Sheriff Chance and his deputies Dude, Colorado and Stumpy are the only thing between the Burdette gang and the jail holding Joe Burdette. After blindsiding Dude at the edge of town, they sneak up on the Sheriff at the front of the Hotel, his rifle leaning against the step. Colorado is in the hotel with two pistols, Stumpy is at the jail with his scattergun. Colorado sees the set-up, and saunters out looking unawares. As a vase goes through the hotel window, distracting the gang, Colorado tosses the sheriff his long arm while opening up with his pistol. He and the sheriff get a couple up close, and the sheriff finishes them off as they ride away. Stumpy manages to put his two cents in with the side by side (artistic license on this part).

Ammunition: 2 shotgun, 9 rifle, 5 pistol.

Staging of firearms: Pistol loaded with 5 rounds, hammer on an empty chamber, holstered. Rifle loaded with 9 rounds leaning against a wall. Shotgun, action open, leaning against opposite wall, shells on shooter.
Props: broomstick (as rifle), barrel (as sheriff), 5 pistol targets, 3 rifle targets, 2 shotgun targets.
Course of fire: As vase goes through the window (timer sounds), shooter picks up broomstick and tosses it into the barrel. Draw handgun, shoot 5 pistol targets. Holster handgun. Retrieve rifle and shoot three targets near to far three times (not triple taps). Retrieve shotgun and shoot two shotgun targets.
5 second bonus for getting broomstick in barrel.
5 second penalty for missing barrel completely.
no bonus/penalty for hitting barrel.

Location of targets and order of fire:
( )(barrel)<- approx 6ft ->/ (broomstick)
\ (rifle)/ (shotgun)