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Christ in You


   It has been over a quarter of a century since I was first introduced to the mystical writings of William Law and I have grown to appreciate the great depth that Law had regarding  the Mysteries of the Godhead and Nature on a daily basis.

  It is not my intent to provide a commentary on these writings here but to simply provide access to these writings since most of these are long out of print. Many others have taken the time to transcribe these works. So I will simply provide a link to their pages and give the credit where due. I offer my thanks to those who have so labored as many more can now feast  at the table where only a few have been able to sit.

  I have also been fortunate enough to visit King's Cliffe and visit the Library and the Home of Law as well as the church and cemetery which still exist today.

  The thrill of holding his copies of Jacob Boehme's writings with all of his notes and underlining was quite remarkable and to actually be able to go inside his home was spectacular.

  I hope that these photographs will have a special meaning to you who might be interested.

 Please feel free to contact me if you would like and I encourage you to visit the links I have provided as they contain a wealth of information on Law and Boehme.

Doug Eblen