Computer, CMOS, Laptop/Notebook, UPS batteries.

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Laptop, cell phone, camcorder batteries. 
Batteries Etc.
Check your yellow pages for local number. 
Battery Network
Laptop, UPS, cell phone, batteries and chargers. 
Best & Best (BB) Battery
Sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries(UPS)
Bolder Technologies
Thin Metal Film (TMF) rechargeable batteries. 
Rechargeable alkaline batteries and an explanation of this technology. 
UPS battery manufacturer 
East Penn-DEKA
UPS, specialty batteries 
Lithium battery products, CMOS, high temperature, high pulse rate etc.
CMOS, Laptop/Notebook, UPS batteries. 1200+ laptop models supported. Battery chargers, AC adapters, batteries for current and obsolete and out production model laptops. 
Industrial batteries. UPS, Telco, emergency lighting etc. 
GP Batteries
Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), Lithium ION rechargeable batteries. 
GS Battery
Lithium ION rechargeable batteries. 
Hawker Energy
Rechargeable thin lead acid cells and batteries. 
Lind Electronics
Batteries, chargers, auto adapters, airline adapters 
MDS battery
Computer/UPS/CMOS battery supplier in the UK. 
Micro Sense
Laptop/Notebook batteries 
Panasonic's battery page. UPS batteries are listed in the secondary battery section.
Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and chargers. 
Portable Energy Products
Thinline lead acid batteries for portables. 
Power Express
Laptop/Notebook/CMOS batteries. 
Power Sonic
Sealed lead acid, Ni-Cad, NiMH batteries, UPS, computer, hobby. 
Laptop, CMOS, UPS, sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. 
Renata US
Lithium batteries, button cells, battery holders. 
Portable, product rechargeable battery products. 
Sanyo Electric
Ni-Cad, NiMH, Lithium Ion, Lithium battery products. 
Southwest Electronic Energy
Battery product supplier, custom battery assemblies, custom cable, harness and electromechanical assemblies for computer, OEM, MRO, Telco, Oceanographic, Aerospace, medical markets. 
Lithium battery products.  02/09/1999
Laptop, CMOS, OEM batteries 
UPS, cell phone, lift trucks, small engine batteries 
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