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What do these computer terms mean?

ATM glossary

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (Not Automatic Teller Machine!) glossary page. 

Bar Code

Bar code topics and technologies explained here. 

Battery glossary

From Varta's site.

Battery glossary

From Battery Technologies Inc's page. 

CD-R writer

Glossary of CD-writer terms from HP's site. 


Glossary of CD and DVD terms from CD ROM Inc's page.


CD-ROM and DVD glossary from The Compact Disk home page. It's BIG (185K) but it is comprehensive.

Computer terms

Glossary from the University of Chicago campus store. 

Computer & Technical terms

From's site. Many supporting links to add'l technical info. 07/15/2000 

Connectivity Library

From ConnectWorld's page. RS232 fundamentals, Ethernet, networking, printers, cabling. Token ring and general connectivity topics covered with links to add'l info. 

Disk, Tape, Magneto Optical

Strage echnology glossary from Fujitsu America's site. 


DVD glossary from Toshiba's page. 


Digital Versatile Disk glossary from's page. 

Electronic terms

Glossary of electronic terms, (Computer, audio, video) from Magnavox's page. 

Ethernet glossary

From RGB Trinet's site in the UK. 

ESD dictionary

From ESD Systems page.


Free OLine Dictionary OComputing. A VERY comprehensive source of computer, electronic, and technology terms from Imperial College in the UK. Started and maintained by Denis Howe since 1985. 12000 definitions, 4.7MB of text and supporting links. .05/09/2000


Glossary of graphics terms from HP's site. 

Hard drive

Maxtor's hard drive glossary page. 

Inkjet technology

From Encad's page. 

Internet terms

Glossary of internet terms from Internet Literacy consultants page. 

Laser Videodisc

Laser Videdisc glossary from Imation's page. 

Magnetic storage

Disk, tape storage and general computer term glossary from Seagate's page in PDF format.

**Memory terms**

IBM micro electronics memory glossary. Detailed explanations with imbedded links to add'l memory information and various memory technology specifications including signal definitions. 

Memory terms

Descriptions and explanations for Expanded, Extended memory, UMB's, HMA from Intel's site. 

Memory Glossary

Memory term and definitions from NewerRam's site. 


Glossary in text format from The ModemShop's page. Very detailed descriptions. 


CRT and flat panel technology glossary of terms from Hitachi's web site.


Glossary from Cornerstone Imaging's site. 


Glossary from Eizo/Nanoa's site in Japan. 


Glossary from Viewsonic's site

Motherboard technologies

Glossary of motherboard technology terms from VIA's site. (Chipset mfg) .12/30/2000

PC terms and acronyms

From HP's site. Many detailed explanations here. 


Glossary of photo optic terms from Minolta's page. 

Power glossary #1

From American Power Conversion's page.

Power glossary #2

From Sutton Designs WEB site.

Power glossary #3

From TEAL Electronics' site.

RAID definitions

From Adaptec's site. 

Scanner glossary

From HP's site. 

SCSI glossary

From Paralan's SCSI site.

SCSI glossary

and SCSI basics from Granite Digital's site. 

Tape storage

Glossary from Imation's page (developer of Travan storage technology) 

Technical terms

Technical glossary from Adaptec's site.

Satellite communications

Glossary from Nokia's page. 04/24/2000

Video, graphics,

Presentation monitor

Monitor glossary from Boxlight's page.

Wireless Communication

Wireless communications technology glossary from Cisco/Aironet's page. 12/28/2000