Internet Surfing Errors

Internet basics 101!!

Common errors encountered when accessing these links are:

ERROR #1: Server has no DNS entry.

This error is displayed when the URL is invalid or has been canceled and is no longer registered with InterNic. The domain name is registered with InterNic and is assigned a unique IP address on the WEB. If this domain name goes away or the domain name is not renewed every two years, it's "alias" is removed from the registered DNS (Domain Name Server) list and the no DNS entry error is returned when your browser checks to see if this is a valid web address.(alias)

ERROR #2: There is no response, the server could be down or is not responding, try later.

When this error occurs, the domain name was confirmed by your server as valid but there was NO RESPONSE from the remote site when polled by your request. This could be caused by excessive traffic on the WEB, a broken segment between you and the site, the site could be down or temporarily off-line. This is normally a temporary error.

ERROR #3: 404 file not found OR The document you requested does not exist on this server.

When either of these errors occur it is usually because filenames or directory names have changed. If you get this message the URL is VALID and the remote site has responded to your request but was unable to find the directory/filename requested. See below for resolution:

The above is a URL or path to a file called index.htm in directory /test/ under directory /~dperr/ in my web server.

If I rename the file to index.html an ERROR will occur because index.htm no longer exists.

If I rename directory /test/ to /working/ an error will occur because directory /test/ no longer exists and the path is no longer valid.

The best way to get around it is to set your cursor to the URL box of your browser and backspace until is displayed

Hit enter and if the path is still valid the contents of /~dperr/test/ will be displayed.

If the directory names have been changed the error will occur again and you may have to backspace to the http:/ URL to connect.

I have no control over remote site updates so please don't Email me saying the link is "broken" for file not found messages. Just ferret around from the base URL to find your info.

ERROR #4: Netscape (or Inet Explorer) has received an error. Connection refused

This error (which is displayed in a dialogue box) means just what it says. If the remote server has reached it's peak and has no ports available it can refuse new connections. If there is a router between you and the remote site that is busy IT can refuse the packet(s) as well. These errors usually occur later in the day when Inet traffic is highest. This is a temporary error, try again in a few minutes.

ERROR #5: Forbidden you have no rights to access this directory or filename on this server.

I have seen this error on frames sites which require you to enter thru their entry point and not directly into one of their frames.

Follow the steps in ERROR#4 to get to the base URL for the site.