Links to technical data for Obsolete, Out of Production and "Legacy" products and manufacturers.

This page contains links to 286/386 SETUP disks, PS/2 reference diskettes, out of business mfg's like Reveal, Future Domain, Ultrastor and obsolete systems like DEC Rainbow, Tandy 100/200, Commodore, Amiga, TI99 etc. If you know of any additional sites that have "legacy" product technical info, please Email me with the links and I'll add them.


Amiga, Commodore
PC, Amiga(?), Commodore connectors, cables, pinouts and general electronic info from The Hardware Book.
Amiga Home Page
The name says it all. 09/24/97
Apple II resource page
Links to Apple II FTP, user and web sites.
Atari 8 bit computer
Atari information pages and links.
AT&T 6300 thru 6386
Diagnostic and SETUP diskettes for the 6300/6286/6386WGS systems. The customer diagnostic disk is the SETUP diskette shipped with the systems. These AT&T systems were Olivetti M2xx M3xx systems with the AT&T logo, so these diskettes will also work on your older Olivetti 286/386 systems as well. 09/21/97
Cipher tape drive support
From National Peripheral Services 10/20/97
Commodore 64/128
Resource page. Links to Commodore 64/128 technical info. 09/15/97
ComputerCraft home page
Lot's of hardware self-help info here for old and new PC systems, BIOS problems, BEEP codes, IBM PS/2's and links to other sources. Maintained by Anthony Olzewski.
DEC Rainbow
Rainbow CP/M system information page.
Furture Domain
Future Domain controller info from Adaptec's site. 11/03/97
Hard drive jumpering
From TheRef . Specs, jumper settings, BIOS settings, for MFM, RLL, ESDI, IDE drives and controllers. Maintained by F Robert Falbo in Rome NY.
HP Vectra ES/RS/QS
"Classic" Vectra ES. RS, QS SETUP and utility diskettes from HP's FTP site..
IBM PS2 (ComputerCraft)
Reference diskettes, PS/2 error codes and general PS/2 info. AT 286 SETUP diskettes as well. FTP your reference diskettes from ComputerCraft's site.
IBM's FTP site
Check here for Ambra, Aptiva, PS/1, PS/2, Valuepoint reference diskettes, BIOS DL's, utilities from their FTP site. Directory refdisks is for the PS2 reference diskette library.
Irwin tape drive support.
From National Peripheral Services
Leading Edge Products.
Small support staff for warranty and post warranty parts and services. 508-562-3322. No on line support. FAX back service available.
Obsolete Computer

The name says it all. Some technical data, mostly historical information. Quite a few pictures of many of these old systems.
Customer diags, SETUP, customer test and BIOS diskettes available for DL from the M290 thru the current Pentium based systems. 11/03/97
File DL's, drivers for CD-ROM's, and utility diskettes for the Philips/Magnavox PC's (Headstart, and notebooks) back to the 286 line. 11/08/97
FTP site for Reveal drivers in Germany. Reveal is out of business and support is provided by CNM at $2 min. 900-225-3000.
Tandy 100, 102, 200
Tandy information pages. Documentation, files, hints and tricks.
TRS 80/Color Computer
Tandy TRS 80 and color computer home page. The name says it all.
TI 99/4A
Information page.
FTP site for manuals and drivers including WIN95 driver installation instructions.