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Manufacturer category

Product type(s)


CMOS, laptop, notebook, UPS, batteries.

PC cases, chassis', enclosures

PC, desktop, deskside, rackmount, RAID, device enclosures, PC/LAN server racking equipment, sheetmetal.

Computers, PC's, Laptops

Major computer manufacturers, PC's, notebooks, mini's

(Not system integrators)

PC/104, Embedded, Industrial, SBC's

Single Board Computers (SBC's), Rackmount, Industrial, Passive Backplane Embedded processor (Intel) and open system computers.

VME bus products like open systems backplanes, chassis, controllers, memory PCB's.

Diagnostic tools

Hardware and software diagnostic tools.


I/O controllers, SCSI ctrlrs, PCMCIA (PC card), muxes, option PCB's.

Input devices

Keyboards, mice, trackballs, joysticks, graphics tablets.

Memory, SIMM's, memory accesories

SIMM's, DIMM's SIMM savers, components


PC accessories, media, cables, services.

Modems, Communications interfaces

Modems, muxes, multi-port cards, communications devices.

Monitors, displays, Terminals

PC monitors, presentation displays, terminal devices.


Manufacturer sites (not suppliers), on line manuals. BIOS downloads, jumper settings, specifications.

Multi-media products

CD-ROM's, speakers, MPEG, multi-media products.

Networking products

NIC cards, routers, hubs, networking equipment.

PC power supplies

DC power supplies, rackmount, desktop, external enclosure,

Power products

UPS, power regulators, surge protectors

Printers, Plotters

Thermal, laser, impact, POS, inkjet

Processors, chipsets, BIOS

CPU mfg pages, chipsets, BIOS, IC mfg's.

Repair services, training, spare parts

Computer products repair vendors, Depot repair services for tapes/disks/CDROMs. Training services for hardware maintenance. Spare parts suppliers for post warranty spares.


Document, hand held, Bar code, Mag stripe readers


Backup S/W, utilities, OS. Shareware/freeware DL sites.

Storage products

Disk, tape, optical media, RAID, CD-ROM's, libraries.

Video products

Graphics PCB's, video capture cards, MPEG, video accelerators.

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