Computer technologies explained on these pages.

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ESD technology

ESD control white papers from ESD Systems page(s) (Electro Static Discharge)

Computer technologies

Numerous computer technology white papers from Dell's site. USB technology, SCSI vs ATA, Winmodems, WAN/LAN, large storage technologies etc etc. MANY topics covered here and continually updated.  02/02/2000

Etehernet solutions

Fast ethernet solutions from Adaptec's page(s), white papers and technology briefs. 

IEEE 1394 HS serial bus

From IBM Microelectronic's page. Applications notes and developers information on the 200Mb/s high speed serial bus. 

IEEE 1394 HS serial bus

From Adaptec's site. Topology, physical link, layers, cabling documented here. 02/12/2000

Communications technologies

ISDN, PPP, TCP/IP, dial up technologies explained here from Jade Communications page in the UK. 02/12/2000

Computer Chips

How computer chips are manufactured, from IBM Microelectronic's site. 



Digital Versatile Disk technology overview from Toshiba's page. Separate papers for CD-RW, DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM technologies.


Digital Versatile Disk white papers from Pioneer USA's site. 


DVD technology explained from site. 

Flat Panel Display

Flat panel display technology explained, including the analog VGA interface and the new digital DFP, OpenLDI and the PnD interfaces from Silicon Graphics site. 

Hard drives

S.M.A.R.T. drive technology, white papers, glossary, from Maxtor's site. 

Hard drive technologies

Storage technologies, HDD, DLT from Quantum's page(s) 04/24/2000

Power PC processors embedded controllers and cores.

From IBM Microelectronic's site. Learn about the IBM/Power PC microprocessor product line. Applications notes, compatibility, technology papers, 6x86 databook, part number history. 

I/O Technologies

ATM, SCSI, PCI bus and other I/O technologies from Adaptec's page(s). White papers and technology briefs on numerous other I/O topics like cabling, Ethrnet bandwidth etc. 

LCD Technology

Liquid Crystal Display monitor technology explained from SHARP Canada's page. 12/19/1998

Magnetic Storage

From Quantum's site. Computer basics, magnetic storage basics, hard disks, tape drives, removable media, optical storage, FAQ's, glossaries, new technologies, standards, white papers, research projects, history of storage. If you want to learn about data storage it's here. 

Memory Technologies

From IBM Microelectronic's page. White papers, applications notes, specifications, datasheets, descriptions of many memory technologies and products. SDRAM, SGRAM, ECC memory. 

Monitor/flat panel technology

Monitor and flat panel technology explained from Nissei/Hitachi's page.  02/17/1999

Monitor Technologies

Monitor technology white papers from Sony's site. Short neck CRT, bean cancel, moire control and more.

Monitor Technologies #2

CRT monitor and flat panel technologies explained, from Samsung's site. 

Monitor Technologies #3

CRT monitor technolgies explained here from Cornerstone Monitor's page. .  02/12/2000

Motherboard Technologies

Motherboard technologies explained here from ABIT's page. DIMM memory, chipset differences, USB, SDRAM, Concurrent PCI etc. All those bits that go into the design and implementation of a motherboard explained. Some of it may be too technical for the novice but it is here none the less. 

Network technologies

Various networking technologies explained here from Lantronix's page(s). 02/12/2000

RAID Technologies

RAID technologies explained on Adaptec's page(s) 

RAM Battery Technology

Rechargeable Alkaline battery (RAM) technology explained, from Battery Technologies Inc's page.

Storage technologies Tape/Disk

Disk and tape storage technologies explained from Seagate's page(s). Disk technologies, RAID, DDS3, AIT tape storage explained here. .  02/12/2000