On line technical manuals, jumper settings, file DL's, spare parts info from major computer manufacturers.

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Acer's technical support starting point. Jumper settings, file DL's, FAQ's. FTP site, quick and dirty DL site for misc drivers..

Adaptec's on line support page. SCSI controllers, file DL's RAID, network PC's.

ALR's support starting point. File DL's, FAQ's, limited manuals and jumper info. FTP site for DL's on many of their systems.

Apple's on line manuals. User, setup, technical information, software manuals online here.

AST Input the six digit part number of your system and get detailed, parts info, jumper settings, configuration info for your model.. Drop down to the manuals link and DL user manuals, Getting Started and manual addendums.

AT&T/NCR AT&T and NCR computer products support starting point.

CalComp tech support pages. File DL's, product FAQ's. No online manuals.

Canon USA printer/scanner/multi function printer/FAX/digital camera, support starting point. A little tedious to step through but it is FREE!!

C.ITOH/CIE printer product support page. File DL's, drivers, Alarm codes. Go to the Help File listing for jumper/switch settings, user guides, parts lists and troubleshooting info.

Compaq's starting point for technical manuals and support information. Quick Reference Guides are Compaq's "pocket" manuals with jumper settings, part numbers and configuration information. Download diagnostic/setup diskettes from their SoftPaq file library. Maintenance and service guides for current products.

Comtrol Tech support starting point for Comtrol's product line. Hostess multi port cards, Rocketport multi modem cards, configuration manual,

CTX Tech support for their PC product line. Limited technical data, file DL's, drivers. It's small but knowing CTX it'll get better.

Dataproducts printer tech notes page(s). Tech tips and service topics for the full line of Dataproducts printers back to the "B" series line printers.

DEC Digital's (Compaq?) starting point for their desktop, server, notebook online documentation and support. 05/23/1998

Dell Start here for Dell's service manuals, jumper settings, upgrade instructions, file DL's and user guides, specification sheets by product family. Click on "Support Your Dell" topic for online manuals, jumper settings, specifications and configuration info.

DTK Taiwan....DTK USA BIOS DL's and drivers. No manuals or jumper info on line. VERY disappointing compared to what DTK used to have online.

Epson UK Support site with printer dip switch settings, tips and tricks for older products.

Epson US Support starting point for printer driver and technical documents. Not too much "legacy product" info.

Epson US FTP site Check here for more technical data on printers, scanners, notebooks, desktop PC's. "Legacy printer" spec sheets and DIP switch settings for most of their printers as well.

Epson technical data from DELL's site. ESC/P codes and dip switch settings for the Epson DM and Laser models that they sold including rare on line info for the EPL-6000 and EPL-8000 laser printers.

Everex tech support page. FAQ's, file DL's, part number information. No manuals on line.

Exabyte tech support page. 4mm/8mm, Travan, desktop and server tape products. Manuals, drivers, firmware DL/s.

Future Domain Limited support from Adaptec's End of Life product page.

Gateway 2000 GW2K's Tech Docs starting point. MANY manuals and user upgrade documents here, FAQ's, Tech Tips, glossary, file DL's..

GCC Technologies printer products support page.

Hewlett Packard HP's Personal Computing Products starting point for driver DL's, technical manuals, jumper settings. PC technical manuals with upgrade instructions, jumper setting FAQ's. Lot's of technical information on-line. PC's, servers, plotters, printers., storage, network products. Not every product has manuals available but it's worth a look for your info.

BE ADVISED that many of the HP desktop products like Deskjet printers and external storage devices are on a "Centralized Repair Program" and have limited technical info and no spare parts sales except for accessories, media and paper trays. The post warranty service plan for these products is whole unit exchange for a flat rate exchange price.

IBM's global support starting page. Links from here to the various IBM product group support pages, PC's, printers, servers, storage products, PS/1, options, Thinkpad, on and on.

IBM's FTP site File downloads for Aptiva, Ambra, Valuepoint, PS/1, PS2 and much more. Reference disks for PS/2 systems. Snoop around here for utilities, BIOS DL's and other fixes for IBM systems. Too much info to list here.

IBM PC Service manuals On line service manuals from the IBM PC Company. PS/1, PS/2, Aptiva, Netfinity, Valuepoint, Mobile computers. No Ambra info.

Intel Massive number of documents on Intel products. Hardware installation, software installation compatibility on the full line of Intel modem, storage, NIC, processor and software products. Even OLD 286/386 above board products here. Too large a library to list.

Mannesman/Tally printer products support page.

Micron's tech support starting point. Troubleshooting help, jumper settings, specifications, FAQ's on their desktop, server, notebook products and peripherals. (Some Micronics MB info here) File DL's. Tech Support tips and links.

Mitac's tech support starting point for MB jumpers and BIOS DL's, notebook file DL's, monitor drivers.

NEC's tech support starting point for PC, monitor, peripheral, networking products. Driver DL's, FAQ's, LAN, ATM.

NCD Network Computing Devices support page. Some on-line manuals available here.

NCR/AT&T AT&T and NCR computer products support starting point.

Okidata printer support page. On line manuals, user guides, FAQ's, some part number info.

Olivetti tech support page. Some of the manuals require a password. Drivers, utilities, diagnostic diskettes, BIOS DL's.

Philips/Magnavox File DL's, drivers for CD-ROM's, and utility diskettes for the Philips/Magnavox PC's back to the 286 line.

Printronix (USA) printer support pages.

Quantex support page. Driver DL's, jumper settings and graphics of all their MB's, I/O cards, controllers etc.

Samsung Printer, monitor, HDD, CD-ROM, notebook user manuals, driver DL's, FAQ's.

SATO USA Thermal label printers support page. Driver DL's, Tech Tips etc.

Seikosha America printer info page. DIP switch settings, printer drivers, spare parts info.

SGI (Silicone Graphics) tech support starting point. Tech manuals, user manuals, software DL's.

SONY VAIO, monitor, display, storage products support page.

Stallion Technologies online user manuals from their support page.

Star Micronics printer support page, POS and PC printers. DIP switch settings, drivers etc. Not much "legacy" product info.

Swan Technologies manuals from NEC's site.

Texas Instruments printer products drivers, parts and support from Genicom's site.

Toshiba Desktop, laptop computer products support page. FAQ's, white papers, manuals, file DL's.

Trantor Limited support from Adaptec's End of Life product page.

Unisys FTP site with on line info on Unisys printers, PC's, option cards, BIOS DL's, terminals etc.

Wangtek/WangDAT support documents back to the QIC02 days. 60-120MB QIC tapes, Wangtek SCSI tapes, some Tecmar info as well.

Zebra Printer online tech support. Email only as of 04/07/1998.

Zenith Data Systems technical manuals.

ZEOS tech support information from Micron's site.