How to create an EISA configuration diskette

Micronics does not have the EISA config utlity available for DL at their WEB site.

The alternative is to use the EISA config utility that is avail at the Gateway2000 web site.

  1. Go to and download the ECFG432.EXE EISA configuration utility.

(The page says it is the Anigma utility but remember the utility was common for most EISA MB's.)

(Most EISA config utilities were supplied by Micro Computer Systems and ANY EISA configuration utility should work as long as you have the correct .CFG file for your MB)

2. Download the appropriate EISA.CFG file for your MB from Micronics' web site.

3. Create a C:\tmp directory and put ECFG432.EXE in that directory and execute it to expand the files.

4. Create a bootable floppy by formatting it with FORMAT A: /S command in DOS.

5. Copy CF.EXE and CF_HELP.HLP from the c:\tmp directory to the floppy.( You can ignore the directory called FLASH.)

6. Copy the .CFG file for your MB to the floppy.

NOTE! Rename the EISA.CFG file to "!MIC001.CFG" if necessary. (Leave off the qoutes)

7. Copy any I/O card .CFG files to the bootable floppy. (Adaptec SCSI etc)

8. Boot the floppy and execute the CF.EXE program from floppy.

9. Run the configuration utility for your MB and any associated EISA cards.