Micronics Motherboard Mpower4

Part number (09-00202-xx)

This motherboard has the following physical identification characteristics.

1. All in one architecture with single VESA capable riser card with 1 VESA and 4 ISA I/O connectors.

2. ZIF socket for overdrive processor located between front edge of PCB and PQFP surface mount location..

3. 8 DIP sockets for VRAM upgrade located to the left of the riser card slot.

** The later Plus version of this PCB only has 2 VRAM sockets **

4. 10 Cache DIP sockets on the right front corner of the MB when looking from the front of the PC.

5. 4 x 72 SIMM sockets located on front left corner of PCB.

6. Integral onboard I/O controller with, 2 ser, 1 prl, FDD, IDE. VGA

7. SW2 4 pos'n DIP switch located along the left edge of the PCB

8. SW1 4 pos'n DIP switch located just above the cache DIP locations on the right side of PCB.


- LPX form factor system board, Baby AT footprint 8.5" x 13".

64/128/256KB L2 external cache capable.

- One VL slot built onto the system board. Slot will accommodate riser card which supports up to one VESA and four ISA peripheral cards.

On-board VESA Local bus video adapter, using the ATI 68800 Mach32 LX graphics accelerator with 1MB of VRAM (2MB optional).

On-board feature connectors accept:

On-board Local bus IDE controller.

Floppy controller (supports 2.88MB, 1.44MB, 1.2MB, 720K, and 360K floppy drive).

Two high speed 16550 compatible serial ports.

Bi-directional parallel port which is EPP and ECP compatible.

Battery-backed real-time clock.

Processor Upgrade report.

This MB has been certified for the DX-4 processors by Micronics.

No reports of POD or 5x86 upgrades to date.

CPU Voltage Selection and Processor's supported.

Motherboard auto-selects CPU voltage requirement for 3.3V and 5V CPU chips.

There are no voltage select jumpers on this motherboard.

Supports the following processors in the CPU ZIF socket:

486SX2, 50mhz

486DX, 33mhz

486DX2, 50 or 66mhz

486DX4, 75 or 100 Mhz

Cyrix DX-2/80 or DX/40

AMD DX/40, DX-2/80, or DX-4/100

- Pentium Overdrive

Chip Set

Micronics X30 single chip ASIC.

CMD 640A Local Bus IDE

SMC 605 Super I/O Controller

Ram Capacity

4 x 72 pin x 36 SIMM sockets accommodating up to 64MB.

This MB DOES NOT support "dual density" 8MB SIMM's.

Integral Video

ATI 68800 Mach32 LX, 1MB VRAM frame buffer (2MB optional)

Resolutions supported:

640 x 480, (65,536 colors)

800 x 600, (256 colors)

1024 x 768, (256 colors)

1280 x 1024 (W/2MB VRAM)

Keyboard and Mouse interface

Standard PS/2 mini-din keyboard and mouse connectors


Phoenix BIOS on 1MB Flash EPROM

Connector assignments

J1      Parallel port
J2      Serial port 2
J3      Serial port 1
J7      Power LED & keylock
J10     PS/2 mouse port
J26     IDE connector
J27     FDD connector
J31     Video feature connector
J32     VGA port
W18     Turbo LED
W19     Turbo switch
W20     Reset switch
W21     IDE activity LED
SL1     32 bit VESA local bus slot

User Configurable Settings

Disable onboard IDE ctrlr       JP1     Closed
RTC installed                   W1      Closed
RTC not installed               W1      Open
Monitor type color              W2      Closed
Monitor type monochrome         W2      Open
IRQ12 PS/2 mouse enabled        W3      Closed
PS/2 mouse disabled             W3      Open
Parity enabled                  W4      Closed
Parity disabled                 W4      Open
CMOS normal operation           W5      Open
CMOS memory clear               W5      Closed
Super I/O enabled               W7      Open
Super I/O disabled              W7      Closed
Flash BIOS write protected      W8      Open
Flash BIOS write permitted      W8      Closed
PQFP not installed              W13     Open
PQFP disabled by OD processor   W13     1&2 closed
PQFP manually disabled          W13     2&3 closed
Factory config do no alter      W15     1&2 closed
Factory config do no alter      W31     Open
80486SX CPU enabled             W33     2&3
80486SX CPU disabled            W33     1&2, 3&4 closed
Factory config do no alter      W36     Open
VGA IRQ9 disabled               W303    Open
VGA IRQ9 enabled                W303    Closed
Factory config do no alter      Sw1-3   Off
Factory config do no alter      Sw1-4   Off
VPU chip disabled               Sw2-1   On
VPU chip enabled                        Sw2-1   Off
Video RAMDAC at snooping mode   Sw2-2   On
Video RAMDAC at normal mode     Sw2-2   Off
VGA BIOS disabled               Sw2-3   On
VGA BIOS enabled                        Sw2-3   Off
External speaker disabled       Sw2-4   On
External speaker enabled        Sw4-4   Off

DRAM Configuration

Size    Bank 0          Bank 1          Bank 2          Bank3
1MB     256K x 36
2MB     256K x 36       256K x 36
4MB     1M x 36
6MB     256K x 36       256K x 36       1M x 36
8MB     1M x 36         1M x 36
10MB    256K x 36       256K x 36       1M x 36         1M x 36
12MB    1M x 36         1M x 36         1M x 36
16MB    1M x 36         1M x 36         1M x 36         1M x 36
16MB    4M x 36
18MB`   256K x 36       256K x 36       4M x 36
20MB    1M x 36         4M x 36
24MB    1M x 36         1M x36          4M x 36
32MB    4M x 36         4M x 36
40MB    1M x 36         1M x 36 4M x 36         4M x 36
48MB    4M x 36         4M x 36         4M x 36
64MB    4M x 36         4M x 36         4M x 36         4M x 36

Cache Configuration

Size    Bank0           Bank1           Tag
64KB    (4) 8K x 8      (4) 8K x 8      (1) 8K x 8
128KB   (4) 32K x 8                     (1) 32K x 8
256KB   (4) 32K x 8     (4) 32K x 8     (1) 32K x 8

Cache Jumper Configuration

Size    W10     W11     W16     W17     W22     W23     W24
64KB    1&2     1&2     1&2     1&2     2&3     2&3     1&2
128KB   1&2     2&3     1&2     2&3     1&2     1&2     2&3
256KB   2&3     2&3     2&3     2&3     2&3     2&3     2&3

CPU configuration

Type                    W33
All other CPU's         1&2, 3&4 closed
80486SX                 2&3 closed
60486SX2                        3&4 closed

80486DX4 Configuration

804DX4          W32     W34
Disabled                Open    Open
Enabled         1&2     3&4

CPU speed selection

Speed           Sw1-1   Sw1-2
25Mhz           Off     On
33Mhz           On      On
50iMhz          Off     On      
66iMhz          On      On
75iMhz          Off     On
100iMhz         On      On

DMA Channel Configuration

DMA Channel     W98     W99
Channel 1       1&2     1&2
Channel 2       2&3     2&3

VRAM configuration

Size    Bank 0          Bank1
1MB     (2) 512K x 8    None
2MB     (2) 512K x 8    (8) 256K x 4