Standard Hayes Compatible AT Command Set

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AT command set section 1

This section contains the A-Z command set used to set up specific modes and to return modem statuses. Configuration parameters and verbose error codes.

These commands can be entered from the command line of any terminal program like Win95 hyperterminal, Comit, Telix etc.

These are the commands that would be inserted into your customized INIT string for your modem.

W1 is a good one to use in the init string as the modem will then report the modem to local port speed (115,900 usually for 33.6/56K modems), the modem to modem line speed and the error protocol established for each connection.

AT command set section 2

This section contains the A-Z commands prefaced by &. (&F, &K3 etc) for setting up modem features. The T series engineering commands should be avoided unless you are knowledgeable of their consequences to local and remote modems.

AT command set section 3

This section contains the remaining AT commands to initiate specific modes of operation like MNP, XON/XOFF, LAPM etc.

S registers

S register definitions. The S registers control variables for different modem functions like # of rings before answering and they also contain verbose error data that can be read when determining causes for errors.