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Computer Trivia Questions: 

What computer (Mfg/model) is accepted to be the FIRST personal computer?

What mfg/model personal computer is acknowledged as the first IBM "clone" PC.

Name the first electronic spreadsheet program that spawned Lotus 123, Excel and others.

Name the first popular word processing program for microcomputers.

What company produced the first functional "integrated circuit"?

Who is credited with inventing the first floppy disk drive?

Trivia Answer.


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My pages:

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PC hardware WEB addresses

Pages of WEB links for major hardware and software vendors, manufacturers, suppliers sorted by product type. (Approx. 57KB)

How I Find WEB info

How to find manufacturer info or locate manufacturer pages on the WEB. (Before Emailing me :o) for info)

Basic Hard Disk Guide

HDD interface primer. MFM, RLL, ESDI, SCSI, IDE/EIDE.

BEEP codes

PC Power On Self-Test (POST) beep codes. AMI, Award, Phoenix BIOS's.

Common fixes/explanations

for PC problems. Ser/PS2 mice, 2/8/32MB SIMM problem, Hard Drive error messages, DOS only sees 16MB of memory etc.

Compaq SETUP diags

Compaq SETUP and test diagnostics explained. Where are they, how do you access SETUP on a Compaq, how do you install them on the HDD. 04/27/1999

Computer Technology pages

Various computer technologies explained here. Not just glossaries but in depth technical explanations, white papers, manufacturer's publications, FAQ's, research papers. Want to learn how computer chips are made or read about motherboard, memory or magnetic storage technologies, check here. 

This is a new page and any link additions are welcomed.

Constant power ON

of PC's and monitors. An IBM paper on the adverse effects of constant POWER ON of PC displays.


PC monitor Display Power Management Signaling specification description. 

. (How does a "green" monitor power itself off and back on?)


Looking for design/EE level info on computer technologies, chips, components? Check out eg3.com

Advertised as the largest online resource in electronics, eg3.com is an online guide to net resources & companies in DSP, embedded systems, real-time, board-level computing, computer components and software development for electronics. Links to add'l information and search engines for many of these technologies as well. 05/15/1998

** Electronic Repair Guides **

Give this site a tour if your seeking component level how to fix info. Too many topics to mention here

A DIAMOND in the ROUGH for do-it-yourselfers. On-line how to fix guides for various electrical, electronic, computer and mechanical devices. Computer monitors, power supplies, printers, photocopiers, VCR's, audio equipment, CD players, CD-ROM drives, on and on... Detailed descriptions of how these devices operate, much more detailed than glossaries. Component sources and suppliers as well.



The list of Epson ESC/P-83 escape codes for their FX/LQ series dot matrix printers. 

The list of ESC/P2 escape codes for their inkjet printers. 

Gateway 2000 ANIGMA MB FAQ.

Gateway 2000 Micronics MB FAQ

LPX motherboard FAQ

Anigma motherboards were designed for Gateway 2000 and mfg'd by GW2k overseas. Here is the best FAQ on GW2k Anigma motherboards from Ben Myers at Spirit of Performance. Ben also has a FAQ on CPU upgrades for Micronics MB's used in GW2k systems as well as generic Micronics MB's. 

The definitive FAQ on the LPX form factor motherboard by Ben Myers of Spirit of Performance. This document is in MS WORD .doc format.

Glossary pages on-line

A page of 40+ on-line technical glossaries describing many computer topics. General computer terms, electronic terms, monitor, CD-ROM, multimedia, power, printer, memory, modem, battery, RAID, SCSI, glossaries and more from manufacturer, vendor and educational sites.

How Things Work

Like the title says How Things Work from the University of Virginia. Topics on computers, microwave ovens, cameras, bouncing balls, faucets, nuclear weapons. All of  life's mysteries explained here.  02/04/2000

HP LaserJet Error Codes

Error codes displayed by HP Laser Jets from the "2686A Classic" thru the 4V, 5P series printers.

Standard IRQ assignments

Standard base I/O addresses

Tables defining the default IRQ and base I/O address assignments for standard PC devices. Check here of you're confused about what the settings should be. If you've ever altered your base I/O address settings trying to get those COM/LPT/HD ports or drivers operational check here when you need to set them to normal.


Motherboard manuals DL'd from their BBS. 386/486/Pentium. Processor upgrade reports.

Modem AT command set

The entire Hayes compatible AT command set definitions and S register definitions for K56Flex compatible modems. Extracted from ZOOM's 34I K56 Plus users manual.


Page of WEB addresses for PC motherboard manufacturers. Get your MB specifications, online manuals, BIOS DL's and jumper info here.


Text file containing generic PC connector pin outs. Motherboard connectors, serial, parallel, video, laplink cable, serial printer cables.


Text file containing FDD, HDD, RLL/MFM/ESDI/SCSI cable, ISA/EISA/VESA/PCI bus pin outs.

** PostScript Printer Drivers **

Apple <---------- Windows

Postscript drivers for Apple MAC and Windows 3.1x, Win95, Win98 from Adobe's site. PPD's for MANY manufacturers listed here. Many out of production products and manufacturers like QUME, Compaq Pagemarq etc. 12/071998


A page of links to 80+ mfg pages for their printer drivers. DOS/Win3.1/Win95/MAC.

Repair vendors, spare parts

Links to PC, monitor, printer, disk drive, and mini systems depot repair vendors and spare parts dealers.

RS-232 interface

A brief tutorial on the RS-232 serial interface and how to connect printers to the interface. Null modem explanation and cable pinout. 12/071998

Tech support pages on-line

Major PC and peripheral manufacturer's starting points for their tech support pages. On-line tech manuals, user manuals, parts info, BIOS, utility DL's and more.

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Other WEB links to hardware information:

Individual personal pages with PC hardware info, performance, optimization,

BIOS, memory and the gamut of PC issues.


1. AMI BIOS guide from Australian Defence Force Academy site in Au. 

2. The BIOS companion the book that should have come with your computer. Detailed explanations of many BIOS settings. 

3. Wim's BIOS page. Explanations of most BIOS settings, links, FAQ. 

4. Build your own PC A build your own PC WEB page hosted by Jeff Moe in Ft. Collins Colorado. 

5. Graphics card info site hosted by Madwolf. Glossary of grfx terms, links, explanations of some of the grfx technologies. 

6. Hard Drive information page. CMOS settings, jumper settings with graphic images of many drives. 

7. Hard Drive settings from TheRef. Massive amount of technical data. Specs, jumper settings, BIOS settings, Controllers, maintained by F Robert Falbo in Rome NY. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THIS SITE WENT??

8. Hard Disk Technical Guide by Nicholas Majors. Basics of hard disk technology explained here. 

9. Hardware Info from Eric Raymond's page. Many topics here, memory, cache, backup devices, CD-ROM, modems etc. 

10. Hardseek Hardware Vendor Search Engine(??) hosted by Davide Ferrarri in Italy. 

11. Hardware Book hosted by Joakim Ogren in Umea, Sweden. Electronic reference guide PC, Amiga(?) connectors, cables, pinouts and general electronic info. 

12. IDE/EIDE FAQ site, Site with lots of IDE/EIDE info and links hosted by John Wehman and Peter den Haan.. 

13. Karbo's guide. General PC technical info site. CPU's, motherboards, I/O cards etc explained here. Also operating systems, file systems and many other PC related topics explained here.  01/22/2000

14.Laser Printer Book Want to know how a laser printer works? Here is an on-line tutorial hosted by Steven Burrows 

15. Modem information page#1. Curt's high-speed modem page, news, FAQ, files, tips and tricks. 

16. Modem information page#2. Links to all mfg.'s including tech help pages. Reveal modem jumper settings, modem test comparisons, and many add'l modem info/site links. 

17. Modem information page#3 hosted by John Navas. Ton's of modem links as well as good troubleshooting info/tips. 

18. Monitor specifications #1 dot pitch, resolutions, screen size, many mfg's. from 1994-1997 in table format. 

19. Monitor Specifications #3 Some 2000+ monitors listed here. It is titled as a MAC compatible monitor page but the list inludes many of the multi-frequency/multisync PC monitors that will run on MACs as well as PC's.

20. Monitor specification page #4 Specs for some 150+ monitor manufacturers (2000 models). Lists are sorted by mfg, then by model. H/V sync rates, connector type(s), resolutions supported.

21. Mouse information page. Look here for pinouts and how serial/PS2/bus mice work. 

22. Parallel Port Central Site dedicated to the parallel port hosted by Jan Axelson. Parallel port diags here! 

23. PC lube and tune An introduction to PC Hardware from Yale Univ. Dated 1998 so it's fairly up to date. Learn about PC basics here.

24. PC optimization site with considerable PC optimization info, Intel chipset comparisons. 

25. PC performance page Benchmarks, overclocking, Gigabyte MB info. Hosted by Michael Verstichelen. 

26. Pentium II Unofficial Pentium II info page hosted by Eric van Ballegoie in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

27. Tech Support page hosted by Morris Rosenthal. Very good troubleshooting info, more links to hardware support info. 

28. Tomi Engdahl's PC hardware info page in Finland. Many PC topics covered and other links to hardware info here. 

30. Year 2000 site. Check here for your Year 2000 compliance information, utilities, FAQ's and other Y2000 links. 

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Commercial pages with pertinent hardware info/help/links troubleshooting info:


1. AMI BIOS number to MB mfg cross-reference chart from AMI's page. Find the mfg of your AMI based MB here. 

2. Award BIOS number to MB mfg cross-reference chart from Award's page. Find the mfg of your Award based MB here. 

3. All Laser Service home page. Laser printer error codes, inkjet, Oki, HP, Panasonic info and supplies. 

4. AMP Inc.'s technical paper on the SIMM tin Vs gold connector controversy. This is a VERY technical paper but does a good job of describing just what causes the problem. 

5. Blue Planet Hard Drive jumper settings, configuration and setup information for all mfg's. 

6. Chipsets HX, VX, TX, LX Intel chipsets from Intel's design page. 

7. ComputerCraft home page. Lot's of hardware self-help info here for old and new PC systems, BIOS problems, BEEP codes, IBM PS/2's and links to other sources. Maintained by Anthony Olzewski. 

8. FCC ID look up page from the FCC's site. Input the FIRST three digits/letters (or the entire number) of the FCC code on your product to see who actually made the unit. Example "clone" monitors are typically mfg'd by an OEM and private labeled. Find out whom actually mfg'd that "Cyberspace II" monitor by tracking its FCC code. 

9. Kingston Memories ultimate memory guide page. Lot's of technical memory info here. 

10. Memory info from Newer Ram, a memory products supplier. 

11. Memory manual from PDP systems page. Glossary, acronyms, memory identification. 

12. Memory specifications from IBM Microelectronics page. LOT's of detailed memory info here. 

13. MicroHouse Online version of MicroHouse's disk drive CD database. Probably the BEST source for ALL major mfg.'s.

14. Modem/serial port troubleshooting page by CTS Inc., authors of Portinfo, I/O info and Modem finder diagnostic utilities. 

15. Modem.com Zoom Telephonics public service site on modems and modem technologies. 03/15/1999

16. http://www.56k.com/ The definitive modem site for 56K connectivity issues Covers Kflex, X2 and V.90 protocols, issues, problems, troubleshooting, fixes, 56K news bytes and more. Buyers guide, product reviews, links to firmware upgrades from most every modem supplier known. 03/15/1999

17. Ontrack Data Int'l IDE drive jumper Viewer page. Graphical pictures of newer IDE/EIDE drive jumper settings from many manufacturers. Click on the Mfg/Model of the drive from the drop down menus and LOOK at the jumper settings displayed. No drive size or C/H/S info given. No "legacy" drive info or any SCSI drive info. 

18. PC Gear New and used computer equipment want ad's listing page. FREE ad space for your used equipment. 

19. PC Guide PC reference site. Articles and Editorials, Intro to the PC, Systems and component reference guide, motherboard topics, general PC technical information site.  01/22/2000

20. PC troubleshooting manual from Classic Forms and Computers in Nashville Tn. Good basic troubleshooting info here. 

21. RAID and SCSI technologies explained here from DPT's technology page. Short and sweet. 

22. Schematics for many PC monitors, Apple monitors, some motherboards and PC devices from MI Technologies page.

23. SupportHelp 2900+ computer industry related web sites and tech support pages. 

24. SCSI Troubleshooting Guide from Granite Digital's page a supplier of quality SCSI cables, terminators and switches. 

25. Used Computer Mall Used computer equipment listed by brand and by dealer. Buy/sell your used equipment here. 

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Specification pages for industry standards:


1. AGP forum. AGP developers forum page.

2. AMR specification. The Audio Modem Riser slot specification from Intel's developer site. 03/15/1999

2. ATX form factor motherboard home page.

3. MicroATX form factor motherboard home page. 

4. Computer & Communication standards page. Many links here for computer standards. 

5. IEEE 1284 Bi-directional parallel port specification information page. ECP, EPP, Byte, Nibble mode descriptions. Cable/connector specs 

6. IEEE 1394 Firewire standards home page. 

7. NLX (Slimline AT) form factor motherboard home page. 

8. PC-card (PCMCIA) standard home page. 

9. PC/104 embedded Single board Computer (SBC) specification page. 

10. Plug and Play specification from Microsoft's site. 

11. QIC Quarter Inch Cartridge tape recording standards page. Check here for info on those "stringy floppy" drives. QIC40/80/3020/Travan. 60MB to 3.2GB and beyond. 

12. Standards and Specifications links page for H/W and S/W standards, like ISO, IEEE, ANSI, Firewire, ATM, USB, HTML, PCMCIA. 

13. T10 SCSI, SCSI-2, SCSI-3, ATA, ATAPI, Fibre Channel info site. 

14. USB Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification home page. 

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Technical publications on-line:


1. Cnet.com Online hardware and software product reviews, Techno features, the game center and more. 

2. Computer Shopper's Netbuyer page. Shop online, get buying advice based on your use profile and compare prices. 

3. CRN Computer Resellers News home page. Lot's of understandable technical information here. Go to the test center page for what I consider to be the BEST in technical product reviews. They maintain an archive of previous product reviews on line as well. Nice touch! 

4. ECN Electronic component News magazine on-line.

5. German language technical info at ZDNET's PC Professional online magazine. 

6. LANTIMES weekly networking product magazine on line. 

7. PC Today magazine home page. Just about the whole magazine on line. Lot's of hardware comparison articles and PC hardware for sale section with sources and prices. 

8. PC World magazine. Lot's of comparison articles to help you make intelligent decisions on product purchases, how they rate against each other. 

9. PC Week's lab test page. Check here for hardware and software product tests and evaluations. 

10. Repair World On line electronics repair magazine. If you are a repair shop, this site is for you. 

11. Service News The on line magazine of the computer service and repair industry. 

12. Tip of the Day by Email from Tip World. Subscribe to daily Email tips for Win95, Netscape, Lotus, NT, Internet Explorer and many more at this site. 

13. Windows Magazine Product reviews, utilities and articles in the on-line version of this magazine. 

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Links to information on Obsolete, Out of Production "Legacy products" and manufacturers.


This category contains links to 286/386 SETUP disks, PS/2 reference diskettes, out of business mfg's like Reveal and Ultrastor and obsolete systems like DEC Rainbow, Tandy 100/200, Commodore and personal robots as well. There are a number of "museum" pages on the WEB with historical data but no technical content. If you know of any sites that have "legacy" product technical info, please Email me with the links and I'll add them. 


1. Amiga, Commodore PC, Amiga, Commodore connectors, cables, pinouts and general electronic info. 

2. Amiga Home Page The name says it all. 

3. Atari 8 bit computer information pages and links. 

5. AT&T 6300 thru 6386 WGS systems. Diagnostic and SETUP diskettes for the 6300/6286/6386 systems. The customer diagnostic disk is the SETUP diskette shipped with the systems. These AT&T systems were Olivetti M2xx M3xx systems with the AT&T logo, so these diskettes will also work on your older Olivetti 286/386 systems as well. 

6. Cipher tape drive support from National Peripheral Services 

7. Commodore 64.128 resource page. Links to Commodore 64/128 technical info. 

8. ComputerCraft home page. Lot's of hardware self-help info here for old and new PC systems, BIOS problems, BEEP codes, IBM PS/2's and links to other sources. Maintained by Anthony Olzewski. 

9. DEC Rainbow CP/M system information page. GONE AS OF 04/10/1998. Where?????

10. Epson US FTP siteCheck here for "Legacy" printer and PC spec sheets and DIP switch settings, drivers and other file DL's. 

11. Epson UK Support site with dip switch settings, tips and tricks including older dot matrix products. 

12. Epson Equity setup disks from Epson's site. 

13. Facit printer support page. Drivers, printer emulation charts for their whole printer line. DIP switch settings for their Dot Matrix printers from Facit Sweden's page.

15. Hard drive jumpering and specs from TheRef . Specs, jumper settings, BIOS settings, Controllers, maintained by F Robert Falbo in Rome NY. 

16. HP Vectra "classic", ES,QS.RS SETUP and utility diskettes. 

17. IBM Hard drive jumpers IBM's hard drive specification and jumper pages INCLUDING those hard to find 40-200MB drives. Sorry no ESDI jumpers listed, just IDE, SCSI and SSA drives. 10/31/1998

18. IBM PC and PS/2 reference site. POST error codes, PS/2 ADF files, PS/2 model descriptions and associated reference diskettes for DL. Hosted by Carlos ?? from Spain. Also links to other PS/2 resource sites.

19. IBM PS/2 reference diskettes, PS/2 error codes and general PS/2 info. AT 286 SETUP diskettes as well. FTP your reference diskettes from ComputerCraft's site. 

20. The IBM PS/2 page hosted by Dennis Smith. Reference/diagnostic disk DL's. PS/2 links. 

21. Another IBM PS/2 Product Guide from General Technics page. 

22. IBM Microchannel page hosted by Peter Wendt. 2000+ controller ADF files for DL, known problems, troubleshooting info, keyboard scan codes, wrap plugs (loopback), tips and tricks for hardware and service. 

23. IBM's FTP site Check here for Ambra, Aptiva, PS/1, PS/2, Valuepoint reference diskettes, BIOS DL's, utilities from their FTP site. Directory refdisks is for the PS2 reference diskette library. 

24. IBM PC Company service manuals PS/1, PS/2 Aptiva, mobile computer service manuals on line. 

25. Irwin tape drive support from National Peripheral Services. 

26. Leading Edge Products. Un-official Leading Edge support page. Some DL's no manuals. Leading Edge Products (the company) has a small support staff for warranty and post warranty parts and services. 978-562-3322

27. Longshine FDD/HDD controller and multi I/O card (IDE/FDD/SER/PRL) support page. Drivers and jumper manuals for some of these "legacy" cards. 

28. Magnavox PC files. Magnavox Headstart system files back to the 286 models including laptops. Yuo will need to go to the support section and click on DOWNLODS to get to the files.

29. Northgate Computer. Seems to have "evaporated" after bankruptcy. Any links welcomed here. Here is a link for the Northgate Omnikey keyboard which is trying to be resurrected by another source. 

30. Obsolete Computer Museum The name says it all. Some technical data, mostly historical information. 

31. Olivetti Customer diags, SETUP, customer test, BIOS DL diskettes from the M290 thru the current Pentium based systems. 

32. Paradise Video card mfg. Drivers for most Paradise cards back to the early VGA days. 

33. Personal Robot information page. Info on Androbots, Artec systems, General Robotics, Heathkit, Omnibots, Maxx Steele, Rhino, robot parts and repairs, links to other robotic sites. Hosted by Robert Doerr. 

34. QUME. Liquidated in Nov 1988. No known source for printer drivers. Recommend that you determine the emulation of your printer and use a "native" windows/Win95 driver for that printer type. Here is all I have on QUME printer emulations.

35. Reveal FTP site for Reveal drivers in Germany. Reveal is out of business and support is provided by CNM at $2 min. 900-225-3000. Here is another Reveal driver link from Windrivers.com's DL site for most of Reveal's product line. 

36. Reveal Support page hosted by Norman King. Win 3.1, Win95 and some NT drivers for many if not all of the Reveal products. FAQ's, support help and many links to other Reveal support sources. Many of the products were relogo'd OEM cards from major mfg's. This page lists what they know about the origins of the cards. 

37. Unofficial Reveal Support Page hosted by Netmobile.com. Equipment drawings, jumper settings (pictorials) for many Reveal peripheral products. The do charge $5 for a password to access their DL site for driver DL's. This password also gives you access to their tech support line.

38. Samsung PC products FTP download site. Files all the way back to their 286 and 386 systems. Monitor, scanner, peripheral device, HDD user manual DL's as well. 

39. Swan Technologies. Manuals, FTP site, driver DL's from NEC's site.

40. Tandy/ Radio Shack computer product support pages. Online manuals, switch settings, user manuals, specifications, parts lists for their computers, printers monitors and peripherals (many older models) as well as the non RS computers (IBM, Compaq, AST) that are currently being sold. 

41. Tandy 100, 102, 200 information pages. Club 100 site hosted by Rick Hansen. 

42. Tandon computer support from Tandon Switzerland's page. 

43. Tecmar support documents. QIC-02 tapes and controllers, SCSI drive information. Wangtek tape drive info here as well. 

44. Texas Instrumentsprinter products drivers, parts and support from Genicom's site. 

45. TRS 80 and Color Computer Home page the name says it all. 

46. Another Tandy CoCo page with technical info and MANY other CoCo links. 

47. TI 99/4A information page. 

48. Ultrastor FTP site for manuals and drivers including WIN95 driver installation instructions. 

49. Unisys FTP site with various Unisys hardware info. Printer drivers, printer emulation list for their OLDER printers, PC info, network cards, BIOS DL's. 06/22/1998 

50. Wangtek/WangDAT support documents. 60-120MB QIC-02 tapes and controllers, SCSI drive information. Some Tecmar info here as well. 

51. Western Digital graphics card drivers for cards based on the Paradise WDxxxx series and Trident chip sets. 

52. Zenith Data Systems manuals, FTP, driver DL's from NEC's site.

53. Zeos "legacy" product information from Micron's site. User manuals, drivers, utilities, BIOS DL's. for Zeos systems and peripherals. Little if any jumper info on line. 01/26/1999

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Software sites with freeware, shareware, drivers, utilities, and HTML graphics


1. Blue Point FTP site for some of the more popular Freeware and Shareware programs/games/utilities. 

2. DEWA animated GIF's Get your free animated GIF's and 3D graphics here to dress up your pages. 

3. Download.com C/net's MEGA-download site with BIOS, printer, CDROM, modem, network, printer, scanner, storage device drivers and utilities from C/net's site. 

4. Driver Headquarters Look here for drivers for video, CD-ROM, BIOS, printer, NIC, scanners etc. (you get the picture)!

5. Freeware32 Site with LOADS of Win95 and NT freeware/shareware. Get Microsoft's Power Toys for Win95 here. 

6. Jumbo! 93,000 freeware and shareware programs for downloading. 

7. Mister Driver Driver download site. Search engine that links to manufacturer driver sites. 06/22/1998

8. Simtel's archive site for shareware. Use the search function to find those viewers and decoders.

9. Top-Download Win95/ Win98, NT, freeware, shareware download site in Germany. 02/16/1999

10. TUCOWS T he U ltimate C ollection O f W insock S oftware. 140 affiliate sites worldwide with Internet related freeware/shareware. 

11. Stroud's Consummate Windsock APPS site. Windows and Win95 Apps and utilities. 

12. Video Drivers from Connectworld's site. 

13. WinSite Drivers, Demo SW, crippleware, utilities and more for Win 3.1, Win95, NT. 

14. Windows95.com Loads of Win95 freeware, shareware, utilities, tips/tricks/bugs. 

15. WinDrivers.com Win 3.x, Win95, NT driver site for most major mfg's products. Search for your drivers by category or by manufacturer. 

16. Windows 9x/ME shutdown problems???? Go here for a list of known shutdown problems and their solutions. Also some shutdown troubleshooting utilities. 11/12/2000 

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Job opportunity/locator sites. Find jobs or change jobs here.


1. America's Employers Post your resume here or look for positions offered. Very professional appearance to your resume. 

2. Atlanta Computer Jobs This a VERY active job site. Post your resume here for jobs in Atlanta. 

3. Career Exchange Post your resume or look for a position here. 

4. Career Plaza Post your resume or look for jobs here. 

5. Career Path Search the help wanted ads from 34 major newspapers across the country. 

6. Headhunter.net Post your resume here or look for positions offered. Headhunter will crosspost your resume to the various job newsgroups. 

7. JobBankUSA Post your resume here or look for positions offered. 

8. JobLynx Post your resume here. 2300+ recruiters registered here (so they say) 

9. Virtual Resume Post your resume here or look for positions offered. 

Some Internet job hunting tips:


Check the various JOBS newsgroups on USENET for localized postings, most have Email addresses for responding to these postings. 

Check the above listed WEB sites as well for positions posted nationally and to post your resume. 

Get your message across in the subject line if you are posting a resume to a newsgroup or if you are responding by Email. I.E. "ISO 9000, Quality Management Professional, 17 years experience" will fit in the subject line and this is what they see in the subject line when they open their Email. 

If they post a position number in their job list then put the position number in the subject line of the Email. "RESUME: Position # L8765B" 

Keep your resume in a Notepad xxxx.TXT file and cut and paste it into your Email response. This will make it easier to respond to multiple postings. Sending an attachment in WORD, WordPerfect, AmiPro, WordPro, requires that the recruiter save the attachment and then open it with the appropriate application. If they are a Lotus house and you send it in WordPerfect format there's an EXCELLENT chance that it will be discarded rather than be saved converted and read. In TXT format they can see in their Email reader (whatever one they are using) and decide if the resume deserves further review. 

Recruiters aren't interested in fancy graphics or fonts like a FAX'd resume so fill it with content and not glitz. 

Recruiters post most USENET jobs. Even if the job is not what you are looking for, you can type an intro into your Email saying that although the position is not suitable for your experience you'd like the recruiter to consider your resume for other positions that may arise. This is a good way to get your resume to many recruiters without having to pay the 32c for standard postage. 

Companies pay fees to legitimate recruiters to locate qualified personnel. If a recruiter contacts you asking for ANY type of fee "to be sure you are serious about using his/her services" beware. 

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