My Sister, A Girl :   Published in Southern Women's Review

My Sister, A Girl (the Auburn version) :   Published in the anthology Chinaberries and Crows. The latter link takes you to information on the anthology and how to purchase it.

Ebb and Flow :   Published in The Dos Passos Review

Life, Still :   Published in Kaleidoscope

MSNBC Reports Gator-Guzzling Python Comes to Messy End :   Published in moonShine Review

Ashes to Ashes :   A humorous flash fiction published in the e-bookLittle (Flash) Fiction, which is downloadable to your computer, e-reader, or mobile device

Listen to professional audio book reader Xe Sands read the story on her website here

Prologue to Ice Man and the Rogues in the Gallery: A Nicholas Lief Mystery

  Summary: Calling himself “the bastard cousin to the private investigator,” Nicholas Lief, a.k.a. Jude, steals back stolen valuables. Occasionally during a case, Nicholas is aided by Ice Man: born as a coping mechanism during Nicholas’s harsh childhood, Ice Man is Nicholas experiencing himself as a detached observer. Ice Man protects Nicholas from pain, physical and emotional. But Ice Man can’t help him against headstrong PI-wannabe Onnie Justice. She enmeshes herself in Nicholas’s current case; worse, she invades his heart. Fearing his feelings for her, fearing for her safety, Nicholas tries—and repeatedly fails—to shunt her to the sidelines. But his emotions for her are only one problem. This case was supposed to be easy, ridiculously easy: return a rubber chicken stolen from a modern art installation piece. His suspect seemed obvious: a ten-year-old boy, the grandson of the gallery’s night watchman. But the boy receives a death threat and disappears, and tire-iron-wielding thugs—henchmen for a vicious Mexican crime lord—capture Nicholas and beat him for information. Soon Nicholas and Onnie are involved in a game of international art smuggling, and the opposing players are men who traffic in the same kind of evil that made Nicholas’s childhood a living hell. The harder Nicholas fights to free himself from various kinds of entrapment, both physical and emotional, the more inexorably he is compelled to confront the most frightening thing of all: his past. The link takes you to the prologue of the completed mystery novel.

Remington Steele Stories

   I first took up the pen to write Remington Steele fanfic stories. Please follow the link if you wish to pursue these guilty pleasures

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