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Peg Daniels, Author


My Sister, A Girl :   Published in Southern Women's Review

My Sister, A Girl (the Auburn version) :   Published in the anthology Chinaberries and Crows and available through Amazon

Ebb and Flow :   Published in The Dos Passos Review

Life, Still :   Published in Kaleidoscope

MSNBC Reports Gator-Guzzling Python Comes to Messy End :   Published in moonShine Review

Ashes to Ashes :   A humorous flash fiction published in the e-book Little (Flash) Fiction, which is downloadable to your computer, e-reader, or mobile device

Listen to professional audio book reader Xe Sands read the story on her website here

Prologue to Steal Back: A Nicholas Lief Mystery

  The above link takes you to the prologue of my mystery novel.

  Book description:

       Private investigator Nicholas Lief thrives on stealing back stolen valuables. But nine years ago, that valuable was a kidnapped boy, and the boy ended up dead. Haunted by the horrific rescue attempt, Nicholas has never again accepted a missing child case.

      Until now. Inadvertently.

       A Santa Monica art gallery owner pays Nicholas $10,000 to recover a stolen $5 rubber chicken. His client proclaiming herself psychic, Nicholas is inclined to dismiss the theft as a prank (“Perhaps a poultry-geist struck”). But his lead suspect—a young Latino boy—disappears. Thugs chase Nicholas for information about the bird and boy. Escaping them brings out Nicholas's secret: he has an alter ego, Ice Man, born as a coping mechanism during Nicholas's harsh childhood. Impervious to physical and psychological pain, Ice Man has greater strength, endurance, and “punching power.”

      Ice Man, however, can't defend Nicholas against Onnie Justice—a sassy, daredevilish Southerner and fledgling PI enlisted by the gallery owner to join the case. Nicholas finds himself attracted to the young woman, an experience new and exhilarating. Fearing his feelings for Onnie, fearing for her safety, he tries—and repeatedly fails—to shunt her to the sidelines, despite her key contributions.

       But catastrophic problems loom. Nicholas discovers a link between the stolen rubber chicken and the same monstrous evil that destroyed Nicholas's childhood. Yet, he pursues the case, relentlessly. The boy's life is at stake. Nicholas must not fail, not this time, not again. That way lies madness.

Remington Steele Stories

   I first took up the pen to write Remington Steele fanfic stories. Please follow the link if you wish to pursue these guilty pleasures

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