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My Remington Steele stories:

Steele and Laura

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ruby Constrained Steele: A Remington Steele Novel (HTML) (PDF)

Rubies can corrupt you, twist your soul, make you lose your way.Posted 09/04

Books Steele Stranger Than Fiction (html, 68 KB) (pdf, 108 KB)

One day, Steele hears voices that no one else can hear. Posted 01/29/07

Blackjack Steele Sitting in the Catbird Seat (html, 15 KB) (pdf, 25 KB)

Did you ever wonder what happened to the gold heart necklace that Steele gave to Laura in Scene Steelers? And whatever happened to Laura's cat, Nero? Turns out there's a connection between their disappearences (A Vignette). Posted 05/18/05

James Bond Logo Bonded Steele (html, 15 KB) (pdf, ? KB)

Remington's little venture with a press agent doesn't meet with Laura's approval — to say the least! (A Vignette). Posted 04/10/05

pocketwatch Stained Steele (html, 114 KB) (pdf, 135 KB)

Who is the real father of Remington Steele? A Season 4-5 story. Posted 12/04/03

Creek near Whites Castle on Ireland Steele Himself (html, 14 KB) (pdf, 20 KB)

Steel yourself. A Pre-Fabricated Steele* story. Posted 03/02/04

photograph by Debra Talley of Ashford Castle Steele Mine (html, 3.2 KB ) (pdf, 8.1 KB)

What Went On When the Lights Went Out At Ashford Castle (A Vignette). Posted 03/27/04

Steele and Laura Steele Beguiled (html, 41 KB) (pdf, 62 KB)

Expanded Version of the Submission for the RSFic List Challenge #7. Posted 03/20/04

Steele and Laura A Steele She'd Beguile (html, 9 KB) (pdf, 17 KB)

Entry for RSFic Challenge #7, The Role Reversal Challenge. Posted 03/01/04

High Jinx High School (html, 7 KB) (pdf, 12 KB)

Entry for RSFic Challenge #8, The Yearbook Challenge. Posted 08/19/05

Rated NC-17 Remington NC-17 Machine (html, 3.5 KB) (pdf, 8.1 KB)

My contribution to the NC-17 genre . . . sorta. ;-) Posted 06/03/05

      Letters to Professor Peg pertaining to the Remington NC-17 Machine (html, 2.4 KB)

Kilkenny cats by Seymour Chwast Kilkenny Kats with Steele Claws (html, 10 KB) (pdf, 13 KB)

There wanst was two cats in Kilkenny. A Pre-Fabricated Steele* story. Posted 12/04/03

* A story that takes place before the start of the series

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